The demons are sex perverts according to the March 15th WT

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  • Awen

    May you have Peace,

    I found this very interesting website while surfing the internet. It's a scientific paper discussing the Global Flood and how it occurred.

    It does discuss the "canopy of water" and pretty much dismisses it as being the overall source of the Flood waters. It does however give reasonable arguements as to where the water came from and where it is today.

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  • life is to short
    life is to short


    Yep that's a quote from the Wt it says "The water canopy, or heavenly ocean, bursts open, and a torrential downpour pounds the ark."

    It just seems like they are getting more angry. I guess like they were in the 40's and 50's.


  • Listener

    It is a demonstration of putting fear into people. A father may have obedient children by instilling fear in his children but he isn't going to gain their love and affection. His only achievement is to create a miserable life for them. Then one day he finds they are no longer there and he has no-one to look after him in his old age.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am so terrified of demons. My rational mind always dismissed them but my fears were amplified. I did not sleep nights, patrolling the room for the onslaught. I was so young but the Society amped up the demon stories. The final one that clinched it for me b/c it was so over the top, like True Confessions, was the story of a demon materializing in a woman's bed. Only prayer saved her from being ravished.

    Even today I fear schizopphenics because of the internal voices. I read about the illness. Indeed, I even know a few people with the disease. They aren't demonic at all. If demons are spirit, why would they lust after earth women? Out of all creation, doesn't some other planet have hot women for them to ravish?

    I feel the WTS is self-selecting. The overall culture views God as a very powerful force and a god to be respected. Particularly since Christianity and even within most of Judaism, He/She is a god of love and grace. All the blood thirstiness repels people. Armageddon is so not Jesus if taken literally without any idea of its history. It also strikes me that many Psalms have such beautiful language of love, peace, and beautiful worship and then within the same verse reverse to KILL, KILl,KILL. For my own view, the Jehovah preached by the Witnesses is the true Satan.

  • undercover
    The water canopy
    That's in the actual article? Would that be the first reference to a "water canopy" since the 1980s?

  • jay88

    March15, 2011 WT- Para13 ^ ^ ^ ^


    Are there not laws, to prevent sh** like this?

  • VM44

    So The Watchtower is back using "the water canopy" as the source of the flood waters?

    very interesting.

  • mrsjones5
    mrsjones5 Clickable

    I wasn't impressed

  • WTWizard

    First, the demons were not content to stagnate with Jehovah. I think it was more than about sex. It was more about experiencing things for themselves that Jehovah didn't want them to. When Jehovah had them using less than 1% of their capacities and exploring less than 1% of reality, they wanted to experience the other 99+%. And, being the Almighty Sore Loser Jehovah is, he prevented them from doing that--and punished them for it.

    Reminds me of the 1998 Great Boasting Session that could have been shortened to "Jehovah is the happiest person in the universe. And it's because he makes everyone else miserable."

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Not only do we get a "water canopy" mention in this article, we get a "class" shoutout to go with it. They don't pull the term "class" out of their files very often anymore, either.

    I think they actually ARE reverting to 50's style lingo, the freaking lunatics.

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