Made up field service experience at yesterday's Public Talk.....................

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    Remember the made up stories of Witnesses in Djibouti,Africa where they had to walk 2 days in alligator infested waters with no shoes in the blazing sun to attend the meetings? They made it to the meetings in these terrible conditions.

    Talk about made up stories! Here is a field service experience that was told at yesterday's Public Talk which would fall into the made up stories!

    A man in Italy was called on a monthly basis by Jehovah's Witnesses. He repeated to them that he had no interest in their religion since he had his own and was quite happy being Catholic. They came no matter what. They left magazines at his door and he would throw them out without ever reading the material.

    One day his company transfers him to Singapore,South Asia because of work. Now he can finally get away from the Witnesses.

    One morning there is a knock on the door and it's the Jehovah's Witnesses . He just can't get away from them. So,he decides to buy 2 dogs. Now that should stop the Witnesses from entering his yard.

    Two sisters show up one day and enter the yard. The two dogs chase the 2 sisters. One sister makes it out of the yard but the other sister is cornered by one of the dogs. She takes the Watchtower magazine and Awake magazine and it puts it by the dogs mouth to protect herself.The dog walks away with the magazines in his mouth.(Did Jehovah's angel protect the sister?)The dog walks back in the house where the owner is standing. He decides to read them,has a Bible study and 6 months later he is baptized member.

  • Joliette

    Yea, those experiences used to sound fishy to me, even as a little girl.

  • Soldier77

    You know, I've realized that anytime an experience as far fetched as this is shared at the mtg or assemblies, I just shut off my mind. I mean really? They just spout that shit off like it's coming from the nightly news reel. They never back they're shit up.

  • Ding

    Back when I was studying with Jehovah's Witnesses, I remember reading a story in a WT or Awake about a missionary who was dragged out of his house and beaten mercilessly. When asked by the WT to comment he said, "I just thank Jehovah for his undeserved kindness."

    My first thought was, "Man, this guy is really dedicated!"

    My second thought was, "Is this story real? No one reacts like that."

    I won't say that no one would EVER have that attitude, but it seems mighty farfetched, and if a JW said such a thing under those circumstances I'd have to wonder if he said it because he knows that's what the WT would WANT him to say.

    On the surface, such stories seem designed to inspire JWs, but I have come to believe they are part of the WTS' guilt motivation system. The JW reader is supposed to think, "Look at what this brother is doing for Jehovah. And here I am. Why I've only gone to 15 meetings and put in 15 hours of FS this month. I'd better step it up next month. After all, Armageddon is coming any day now and I want to prove worthy..."

  • peacefulpete

    Many of the yearbook stories are exaggerated or colorfully embellished. In our foreign assignment in SA one of the young local guys was asked to write some up for submitting. We had chance to proof read them and pointed out serious inaccuracies but they were sent unedited anyway. They were in the yearbook that year.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I remember one from a yearbook that this guy was going to come off the pioneer list because his family didn't have enough to eat in their tropical area and he needed to go out hunting more that month. So the guy prays about it and this wild boar comes charging into his hut/tent/whatever and he kills it. There was enough meat to make the difference and stay on another month until some more permanent solution would present itself.

    Well- something like that.

    I remember believing all these amazing stories of how the right solutions miraculously showed up for the ones doing WT's biddings.

  • freetosee

    RR, I remember hearing that experience many years ago. Another one was that a pioneer got cornered by watch dogs trained to kill. The moment he said "jehovah" the dogs let off and escorted him to the door. The householder was so amazed he started studying and is now one of our faithful brothers..

  • Prov1320

    It's just amazing. All these stories create a false sense of protection. It's no wonder JWs who believe them fall into deeper problems/trouble when they simply believe that "doing more" will solve their problems, as opposed to proactively solving their own.

    I certainly hope no JW will test that "stop a killer dog with the name jehovah" theory!!!!

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    I have a couple of dog stories out of my congregation.

    True, but you probably wouldn't believe them.


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    TV evangelists often come up with the same type of far fetched tales.

    Remember the "farting TV preacher"? I use to watch him all the time in Dallas, TX. He was on several channels at various times of the day. He'd tell people to put their hands on the TV screens and connect to him and be healed (it was a video delay of course, he wasn't at the other end).

    He would tell these tall tales of someone who was broke and destitute. They'd get their Social Security or welfare check and after cashing it would send half of it to him. Within days they would win the lottery or collect an old debt that they'd forgotten or some outlandish tale.

    One time they had this woman on that told her similar story. She could barely scratch together enough to buy milk and bread for her five children. So she took $50 and sent it to the "farting TV preacher." (I'm sure that's what any sane person would do when their children were starving!?!)

    Within days, someone from the county came by and said, "Hey, we forgot to pay you for the utility easement across your property. Here's our check for $10,000!" Right. That's exactly how a government entity or utility would pay for an easement - if and when they'd ever pay. Of course she is telling this story while sitting in a house that is tastefully furnished and beautifully decorated. How many people who are down to their last $100 and supporting five kids would live in a house like that? Obviously the impression they were trying to leave was that this woman suddenly went from poverty to wealth just by sending in her last $50.

    Of course the "farting TV preacher" went on and on about how God feeds the birds, etc. blah, blah, blah...

    The Watchtower shows their true colors by making up and publishing these totally bogus stories. But the JW must accept them as fact or else. Accept a lie or be DF'd. That is their choice. But the rest of us don't have to buy their crap.


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