Made up field service experience at yesterday's Public Talk.....................

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  • cantleave

    You're all sceptics. Of course they are true! JW's know that God hates liars, so they would never lie.

  • Ding

    Blondie wrote:

    I can remember a CO counseling that if experiences are used that should be from the publications, "which have been verified by the slave."

    The sad thing is that he probably believed that without question because he placed total trust in the organization.

    Let's assume for the sake of argument that this CO was a very honorable and sincere man.

    If so, no doubt he really believed that a diligent group of JWs at Bethel investigate and verify all such stories before they are published because they know Jehovah wants them to be truthful and because that's what he would do if he were running the WTS.

    Most likely, the thought never even crossed his mind that "the slave class" is an amorphous fiction (one of Moshe's favorite topics) or that the story might have been published without regard to authenticity because one of the "other sheep" in the Writing Department thought it would make the Society look good and -- even if total fiction -- would lead JWs to greater obedience to the organization.

  • Bangalore

    *** w92 1/1 pp. 6-7 Harvesting the Worshipers ***

    "Their Sound Went Out"

    There is no escape from the Kingdom preaching. An Italian Catholic used to get annoyed every time Jehovah's Witnesses called on him. So when his company transferred him to Singapore, he felt that at last he would not be bothered by them. But to his surprise, the Witnesses were there too. So he obtained two fierce dogs to attack the next Witnesses who came. When two Witnesses called at his home, out jumped those dogs. Terrified, the women ran for their lives, going in different directions at a road junction. As one of the dogs caught up with her, one of the Witnesses desperately grabbed two brochures from her bag and shoved them into the dog's open mouth. At this, it stopped chasing her, turned around, and trotted home.

    The following week, the same two Witnesses were making a return visit at a house across the street. The dogs' owner was in his garden, and, surprisingly, he greeted the women and invited them into his house. He told them that he had never spoken to Jehovah's Witnesses or read any of their publications. But he had been amazed to find the brochures in the mouth of one of his dogs. That evening he had read the brochures and was really impressed with them. Although he had been a Catholic all his life, he expressed a desire to study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Since the man was being transferred back to Italy, arrangements were made for Jehovah's Witnesses to study with him there. As he and his wife started to attend meetings, the parish priest angrily confronted them with threats. When someone set fire to their garden, the couple severed all ties with the church. This man now says: "I have already been witnessing to many of my family members because I want to let them know that Jehovah is the only true God."


  • Nobleheart

    @ Boyzone

    Your story about the pioneer with great housekeeping skills was told in exact detail here in my country too (East Europe), with the only difference being that the pioneer was supposed to be not from the US, but rather a local sister. DagothUr heard it too in Romania, so I guess it's a favourite among COs.

  • DaCheech

    If you believe these experiences, I'll tell you about the donkey that talked too!

  • therevealer

    Bangalore - ain't computers and their ability and speed to search great. But it raises the question, why don't they use them so as to keep more accuracy in their "stories"?



    Thank you the article!

    How did you search it on the c.d.? Or,did you remember this made up experience?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    I certainly hope no JW will test that "stop a killer dog with the name jehovah" theory!!!!

    Sadly, I know of two differen't instances where this happened. Both were pioneer sisters who didn't believe Jehovah would let them be attacked while in his service. Both were bitten severely.

    It's these bogus stories that are responsible for creating this false sense of security.

  • Bangalore

    Hi Rules & Regulations

    I remembered reading it in an older publication and decided to search for it on the CD.


  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I find it very difficult, if not impossible, to believe that preaching experiences are outright lies. Most of us did belong to this organization where the values were that we must tell the truth. I believe that an afabulator would be quickly spotted, and his lies certainly not endorsed by his hierarchy, even less so in an assembly. Otherwise, we should believe that the whole line of responsible men in the organization are involved in the lying process, from bottom to top, which is just not plausible. There MUST be somewhere on the ladder an honest CO or DO (we all know shat some of them are) to say Stop this nonsense or this lie.

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