New Information On Blood?

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  • pirata
    Maybe this time the GB will allows transfusion of red blood cells or platelets or both. But will forbid white blood cells

    Or permit white blood cells since they naturally transfer from mom to baby in breast milk.

  • moshe

    Maybe one of the GB found out they needed blood transfusions in order to medically prolong their decrepit life? That would be good enough reason for new light on blood. I have always suspected that some relative of the GB needed a kidney transplant and that was why the WT changed the rules in 1980 on organ transplants.

  • mamalove

    Other than the conscious theory, any other more plausible ones out there?

    I do not think they will change on this one at all! Just some other minor clarification probably if anything at all. I recall years ago sitting at the meeting and hearing the change about the fractions thinking to myself "hmm, they must feel the pressure about being so extreme and are finding some middle ground so more people can live." I thought it was pretty forward thinking lol!!

  • agonus

    The problem is, the continual hairsplitting of what fractions of fractions are acceptable is not making a hell of a lot of difference in reality since the issue is becomung more and more obfuscated and the paperwork increasingly indecipherable. It's only a superficial leniency if the dubs are so damned confused that they can barely make a conscientious decision as to which boxes they can check.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    But Rutherford, under Fred Franz's persuasion, finally swallowed the less-than-rational man's diatribe against the Cook County (Chicago) Blood Bank, when they announced the establishment in 1937 of the first substantial blood bank in the country. According to Macmillan, Rutherford paid little attention to Woodworth, but after several years of listening to him, joined by the ever-eager Fred Franz in his quest for weird applications of Scripture ("special knowledge"), the Judge weakened, but would still not permit an announcement in the Watchtower magazine. The "new light" would not begin to be revealed until three years after Rutherford's death. Why then?

    TFP of TWTS, E.C. Gruss, p. 74.

    to be continued ...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    After the Judge's death, as World War II was ending, and persecution against the Witnesses began declining, along with the attendant drop in news-media publicity, Hayden C. Covington told the author that Fred Franz saw the prohibition against blood transfusions as a way to accomplish two things: to continue to publicize the religion, and to create an uproar in the community. This reaction would convince the membership they were being "persecuted" and "suffering for righteousness sake," a sure sign they were "in the truth."

    ibid, p. 75

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Before the hysteria began over adapting Scriptures pertaining to animal blood and applying them to human blood, the Watch Tower Society had acknowledged these Scriptures applied to animal blood only: "The law of Jehovah God is against the intermingling of animal matter with any human blood, as is stated in Leviticus (chapter 17). [The Golden Age, April 24, 1935, 465.] This is proof, using their own literature, that the Scriptures in both the Old and the New Testaments, used by the Watch Tower Society in the blood issue, were formerly understood to be references to the improper use of animal blood.

    But Woodworth, joined by the unpredictable Fred Franz, thought nothing of applying all animal blood verses to human blood, and especially in the modern life-saving technique of blood transfusions for humans.

    The author was told that President Knorr wanted nothing to do with requiring the membership to refuse blood transfusions, but following his usual passive stance on Franz's edicts, he went along with it. [footnote #46]


  • pirata

    @compound complex, thank you for the reference. Can you list the full name of the reference? TFP of TWTS?

  • elderelite

    mosche the only problem with your theory is that for the GB to reverse their stand over a relative they would have to CARE about the relative, and I doubt thats the case...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Sorry, pirata, for that omission. When I began I was in a hurry and then forgot ...

    The Four Presidents of the Watch Tower Society (Jehovah's Witnesses) : The Men and the Organization They Created

    Edmond C. Gruss

    I believe the book is available through Freeminds.


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