New Information On Blood?

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  • baltar447

    I've read that this was because some whacko guy that wrote the Golden Age mags thought that it would contaminate racial purity or some nonsense. Anyone confirm that?

  • james_woods

    I was about to say that they got away with changing the conscientous objector alternative service to be a "conscious matter" without much trouble -

    But then I remembered - there has not been a military draft in the U.S. since the early 1970s, so probably it was a moot point when they finally did this.

    However, if the current rank & file swallowed the "generation" nonsense, they would probably not bat an eye at blood being "by conscience".

  • brotherdan

    I've read all the racialy motivated quotes from the early GA's and I never came across that quote. They did say that vaccines were the serum of the devil. But I never read where racial purity would be "compromised".

    I think it's purely on their misinterpretation of Acts 15.

  • stuckinamovement

    In a weird way I could see them changing the stance on blood to a conscience matter. The GB 2.0 can use something like that to make their own mark. It could weed out those who are not in lockstep with "new light", and limit future liability. The number of people that might leave would be substantial.

    However, if they did change on blood, it is a complete reversal from the information given to the elders in the 2010 KM school. I just can't figure out why Jehovah's celestial chariot moves like the teacup ride at Disneyland. You go around and around enough times it makes you want to puke and get off of the ride.

  • undercover

    IF...IF...IF there is some "noo lite" concerning the blood doctrine...

    On the one hand, it could be that they'll ratchet up the pressure on the R&F to abide by the rules set in place. Maybe the HLC will be keeping closer tabs on who comes and goes into hospitals and making sure they pay a visit. Just letting a dub know they're being watched ("cared for" in WT cult terms) will "encourage" a dub to not drop their determination to uphold God's prohibition WT law on blood. I spent a week in the hospital, my JW family was in-the-know and I'm sure they told their JW contacts, my old contacts, yet I never laid eyes on an HLC elder...or any kind of elder for that matter. Maybe other active dubs are sneaking in and back out without a lot of fanfare so as to not have elders and the HLC sticking their nose in their business. Maybe the WTS wants to clamp down on that independant spirit.

    OTOH though, it could be yet another step back from forcing the issue as heavily before. They've already changed the discipline from DFing to difference in the shunning, etc, yet it is legal step. Instead of hunting down the scofflaws and making an example out of them, and possibly upsetting the sensibilities of family and outsiders who observe such dastardly deeds, they simply announce the person as no longer a JW. Like I said - no difference inside the congregation, but it does eliminate the need for JC meetings and creating possible bad publicity outside the congregation.

    Now, it will be done slyly so that the average JW won't really tell the difference between the old law and the new law. Much like the very slight change in how one is to view voting. That change was so sly that most dubs, elders included didn't get the import of the new stance - it's a conscience matter. Yes, if a dub votes and makes noise about it, they could face a JC, but one that is acting on old information. The same thing could happen with a new blood directive. The change is slight enough that it absolves the WTS from any legal intanglement later, yet the local congregations and dubs won't really see a difference and they'll go on observing the ban as if nothing ever changed. When a dub does die, then it's on their own head, not the WTS.

    Of course, all this is supposition as if there is any change coming at all. I'm sure that we'll hear about it here before the local elders get informed, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over what it might be or how it could affect us/family, etc.

  • straightshooter

    I can't see them changing much. They just reviewed the blood video last week to reemphasize their doctrine in the Service Meeting.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    If there is a change, it will be made clear to the r&f that nothing has changed in reality whilst the legal department splits hairs over dissasociating by actions v disfellowshipping. That's my bet. The society pride themselves on having unified beliefs and practices; Bulgaria is a problem.

  • stuckinamovement

    They are moving in the direction of making it a conscience matter as seen by the allowable fractions, cell salvage etc. My guess is they will allow your own blood to be stored and used.

  • JWinprotest

    I too can see them making this a conscience matter. The ones that will leave were probably sitting on the fence or disgruntled anyway, and becoming a thorn in their side especially if they are elders (leaking information on the internet). Besides, with a decline in resources and capable brothers to take the lead, shrinking congregations wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to the WTS.

  • sabastious
    My mom is one of those whose conscience does not allow for blood fractions.

    For me, it's so weird to hear the dubspeak at this point in my life.

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