Paul, leading authority on Christianity, does NOT quote Jesus!

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  • lovelylil

    On another note;

    many wonder why Pauls writings seem different from some of the other disciples of Jesus? Paul served a specific function in the early church. He was appointed to be a minister to the Nations, or gentile people. Paul certainly did believe in Jesus, for he claimed to have been appointed to his ministry by Christ himself. Saying they were in disharmony with other is an outright falsehood.

    The bible is a faith book, it should be interpreted by those in the faith.

  • tec

    Lil, that's interesting, about the others considering Paul's writings scripture because they understood that he had the wisdom of God. I do still wonder if he thought his letters were scripture though, or that they would ever be considered as such. In one, he does make a distinction between what was from God, and what was from him.

    Something to think about, though, thanks.

    But regardless, and from the point that started the inspired vs. uninspired discussion... inspiring scripture (whatever may be considered as scripture), is not the same thing as preserving the bible through the ages. I'm uncertain as to how that claim came to be.


  • lovelylil


    Those are very good points. I can imagine that Paul if was indeed inspired by God to write certain things down, he probably did not understand all of what he was writing. And in the same thought, may have just thought he was writing for the audience at the time, and not for future generations. Inspired means "God breathed", so God's spirit would have moved them to write certain things down.

    This is actually biblical in thought, because the OT writers who were inspired wrote much that they did not fully understand, for they were seeking to see the fulfillment of what they were writing in their day but the fulfillment was not actually for thier time.


    10 Concerning this salvation, the prophets, who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, 11 trying to find out the time and circumstances to which the Spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted the sufferings of the Messiah and the glories that would follow.

    Great thoughts to ponder. Peace, Lilly

  • Terry

    If you are holding the coat of the guy who is killing a defenseless christian on Monday and preaching christianity yourself on Tuesday--either you are

    crazy or you are suspiciously unhinged.

    Paul did NOT meet Jesus. Paul says he was BLINDED. Who did he see? How does he know who or what happened to him?

    Was he having a breakdown mentally? Guilt maybe?

    Or, was something more sinister going on?

    Paul destroyed those who knew, believed and loved Jesus.

    Paul fought against the message of persons who walked with and talked to Jesus.

    Paul was an antagonist and a damned clever one, too.

    What happened to the message when Paul started writing about it?

    Paul CHANGED the message himself while CLAIMING to be personally commissioned by this very same Jesus.

    Why aren't we at least mildly skeptical about Paul's motives?

    What if Paul was a clever double-agent?

    Remember, Pauls letters came first on the scene. The Gospels followed but in the writings of those gospels there seems to be no

    awareness of the Paul message.

    I find it startling.

  • jay88

    Could 1914 & 1919 be WTBTS's road to Damascus?

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