The Gloves Are Off - Its Official Round 1 has just taken place .. !!!!

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  • wasblind
  • wasblind

    'Today I had My Finest Moment of Glory....' and it tastes so good....

    Thanks for sharin' a taste of glory

    Wuz is now doin' the happy dance

    sorry for the double post

  • Finally-Free

    I ran upstairs to the bedroom. Opened the Blinds. And Stood There going 'Oh Yer, Oh Yer' (whilst rotating the hands with the body rolling actions). I then proceeded to Stick my Fingers Up at them on both hands rocking around like I was playing an air guitar.... Not at all lady like but GOD if felt GOOD...

    I'd need at least 4 coffees in me before I could do that. Great job!


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Wow! That was great. You just struck terror in your whole JW world. Now you can get on with your life. It is sad that it has to be this way but you didn't make their stupid rules. Congratulations!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I told them that they were False Prophets & that the Generation Teaching had been changed 14 or more times in the last 100 years. They didnt know what I was on about when I said it had changed again recently. I told them it had happened in the April 15th 2010 WT and they denied it.

    Isn't it incredible how many JDubs don't know their own doctrinal changes??? Don't THEY read the Watchtower???

  • Chalam

    Full steam ahead!

    I particuarly enjoyed these comments

    so I told them NO that they were the blind being lead by the blind, & that they were actually in Satans Counterfeit Kingdom, because he kept changing himself into an angel of light... (She scoffed)

    I said if something is the Truth then it will withstand any critiscism. He said were not here to Argue... I replied Im not arguing I'm stating you FACTS.

    John 14:6 (New International Version, ©2010)

    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.

    Jesus is THE fact they all stumble over.

    Jesus withstood all crtiscism, He does and He will until such time as He returns (bodily) to bind the descenting voices and expose the counterfeits.

    Blessings in Christ,


  • Quentin

    Don't THEY read the Watchtower???

    No they don't. It is amazing to me the type of jws out there today. Did they even use their bibles, read any scripture? They are faded, souless zombies that cannot defend their own faith. How the mighty have fallin......

    Congrats on your day of freedom and happy birthday to the little one.

  • Timothy Riches
    Timothy Riches

    " Satans Counterfeit Kingdom, because he kept changing himself into an angel of light..."

    Well done! I'm really glad you emphasized they had their whole lives ahead of them and they were both wasting them. Thinking about the future is a luxury these zombies can't permit themselves so it's VERY effective to remind them of those who did waste their lives waiting for armageddon.

    Christopher Hitchens made a good point about messianic monotheistic religions and their 'Wish for it all to be over'. I clipped it out of the debate he had with Frank Turek. Worth a look:

  • TD
    I told them it had happened in the April 15th 2010 WT and they denied it had.
    I asked them if they shunned there children or members not witnesses anymore & they said NO !

    Don't you just love having a discussion with someone who really should know more about the subject than you, but instead they're so abysmally ignorant that you have to educate them at every turn of the conversation?

  • Invetigator74

    Congrats and onto the road of freedom of decision,choice,etc... !!!

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