So an 8 year old is killed by a machine-gun and it's no ones fault?

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    Dodgy areas are a concern, but there are other factors behind gun ownership here in the U.S. besides fear of human criminals. The state where I live (Arizona) is more than twice the size of England proper and much of it is primitive land. Large dogs, especially on reservations can go feral either through neglect or simply getting lost. Several generations later and they no longer act like normal domestic dogs. They are bigger and stronger than coyotes, exhibit the pack behavior of wolves; are aggressive and have absolutely zero fear of human beings. They live by preying on livestock and scavenging.

    I've related several times in the last 10 years on this forum how we (Two friends and myself) were attacked by a pack of feral dogs while on a fishing trip and it was only the fact that we were all wearing side-arms that prevented us from being injured. (Our own dogs hid behind us!) Feral dogs kill about 14 people in the U.S. each year and injure many more. It isn’t a huge number in the grand scheme of things, but that sort abstraction looses any meaning when you are the one being attacked.

    People have observed on this thread that gun ownership is part of U.S. culture and that’s true enough, but cultural norms don’t develop in a vacuum. There is a utilitarian side to gun ownership that probably doesn’t have an exact equivalent everywhere else.

    I agree that decreasing violence is what needs to happen. We’ve debated the subject for over a generation here with very little to show for it. We’ve hardly put a dent in drug traffic and states like mine continue to be major entry points for illegal drugs and the related crime.

    I take the value of human life very seriously (It was actually the blood issue that drove me away from the Witnesses at a young age.) and therefore take gun ownership very, very seriously. I’ve devoted a huge amount of bookshelf space to the subject. It's an issue that has defied people's gut feelings and intuition. Study after study has shown that gun control is a very minor, though not entirely irrelevant, part of the solution to the violence problem, just as guns are of only very minor significance as a cause of the problem. The U.S. has more violence than other nations for reasons unrelated to its extraordinarily high gun ownership.

    And I don’t say any of this as a conservative. I'm not. I lean liberal on almost everything except this one subject.

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    sd-7: There is some good news. Violent crime continues to decline.

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    Michael Moore: People Own Guns Because They’re Racists’re-racists/

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    Topics such as this are tragic indeed. I think both the father and the police chief are both dumbasses, but I feel for the father of course.

    Yea, I laff when I hear gun advocates talk of the right to have serious firearms to defend themselves against what might be an oppressive and possibly violent government that might turn on them, which in this case is backed by the US military, arguably the most advanced and powerful army in the world. Good luck with that should it ever happen. lmao

    PS Bohm rocks, lol

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    Survival of the fittest. Stupid people run the risk of getting their own kids killed. It's a crime when they cause OTHER people's kids to die. Oh, no it's not since the organizer of the gun fair has been acquitted! Seems Prov 13:20 could be used here. Bet the lawyers are lined up for this one. Big insurance claim against the gun fair.

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