Johnny the mysterious bethelite .. Six Screens conference call tonight Sat.Jan 15, 2011

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  • brotherdan

    Yes, it was the same voice. The voice changer argument is a complete lie. Same voice as previous. And...Rick said he was in bed when "Johnny" came on. So the voice changer would not have been used.

  • koolaid-man

    Yes it was the same guy. Hopefully he will be on our next call.......Jan. 29-2011

  • koolaid-man

    What questions would you like to ask Johnny ,when he comes back on t he call?

  • MeanMrMustard


    #1 - who monitors JWD? And what username does this individual use to compose his posts?

  • koolaid-man

    I am not sure what you are asking, MeanMrMustard.

  • yourmomma

    the latest seems to be now that what johnny is "going through" right now cant be talked about. "Mary" was on the latest call and when asked about an update on "Johnny" she said she was not "privy" to talk about it.

    it may have taken me longer than many of you because I wanted to wait it out, but I have come to the conclusion that this whole Johnny thing is BS.

    combine this now sudden secrecy with the fact that people who are skeptical are talked about in a negitive light and that adds up to BS.

    took me long enough, I guess. LOL!

  • Farkel

    Has anyone actually listened to the whole HOUR of the latest "Jonnny" recording?

    Just curious here.


  • drewcoul

    It's the same old same old. He's a Liar.

    RICK- WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS??!!?? How about the question about the voice changer you said you were using on the original call? Were you using it or not? Does it exist or not?

    How about Mr. Mustard's question which I've cut and pasted below?

    By not answering questions like this, you are destroying any credibility you may have had.

    Here's the cut and paste from Mr. Mustard's direct question:


    You wrote:

    yourmomma I had no idea that Johnny was coming on the call. He surprised me as much as everyone else. To be honest, I do not remember talking to Johnny . But hundreds of people come on the conference calls and Johnny at some time previously may of come on to the call using an other name and getting advice from from me.

    Do you mind clarifying something? If you go back to the recording of the first call, starting around minute 59 (start there), Johnny is talking about the poor mental health of Bethel members, and speaking of "Jarrod", head of the waiter crew, having a breakdown and taking a knife to another brother's throat. He then says he feels very fortunate he found your site. Then he said, "..when they told me about looking into people's facebooks and stuff, I asked Rick about it, and he gave me some good council, and it pushed me into the right place."

    This seems to indicate that he was in contact with you prior to the first call, and that you had even given him advice. You don't remember talking to him prior to this call?



  • koolaid-man

    Hello drewcoul. I do not know who is dialing in, like I said above Johnny may have called in on an earlier call under another name,and we discussed these things.

  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada

    Ricky, you are from your father the Devil, because he is a liar and the father of the lie (John 8:44).

    God will punish you.

    He must!

    You have made a lie your refuge and in falsehood you have concealed yourself (Isaiah 28:15).

    Therefore, repent, and turn around so as to get your sins blotted out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the person of Jehovah (Acts 3:19).


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