April WT is out. Blood, FDS, moses & crazy stuff...

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  • therevealer

    How close is this to an out right lie? from page four second paragraph

    He has delegated some authority
    to a faithful slave class, made up
    of faithful spirit-anointed Christians. That
    slave class, in turn, appoints overseers in the
    Christian congregation

    How exactly can they make the claim that their "slave class" does anything. As individuals they sip some wine and nibble some dry crumbs, as a group they do nothing, absolutely nothing.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It never seems to occur to them that the whole Hebrew "Theocratic" governance experiment -- from Moses through to the patriachs, then on to the judges, and finishing out with the kings -- ended in dismal failure..

  • bohm

    im glad its not just me -- this sound a notch stronger than what is usually printed.

    im thinking about Jonny the betheliste in the closet -- he said that the next issues of the WT would be far harsher in their language. i think he might have been on to something.

  • bohm

    This quote seem questionable:

    "Hence, the steward class is “faithful,” never betraying or abandoning Jehovah, Jesus, Bible truths, or God’s people."

    so what does it mean to betray a bible truth if not say the bible says something it does not say?

  • ambersun

    The craziest thing is that if any JW was told about a religion with a leader who wrote to his congregations regularly from his ivory tower with instructions to obey his interpretation of the bible without question, never to question his decisions, never to do personal research, think or reason things out for themselves or use their own judgment but to be totally subservient to him at all times, there would be no doubt in the average JW's mind that this was a cult and its leader was a dangerous control freak.

    Yet these are the people who hang on every word uttered by the 'faithful and discreet slave' to be obeyed at all times on fear of death, even if their interpretation of some of the bible scriptures seems a bit dodgy at the very least.

    Who do they think the faithful and discreet slave is? How do they receive this divine spiritual guidance directly from Jehovah himself? Does the 'faithful and discreet slave / GB' receive God's instructions whilst in a trance sitting round the board table at HQ on a Tuesday afternoon (or whenever it is they meet)? Does it come to them individually in dreams during the night which they then discuss round the board table? I am intrigued to know how JWs think it happens, if they can allow themselves to think that deeply about it of course! It was questions like these that caused me to start fading many many years ago.

  • ThomasCovenant

    He has delegated some authority to us, a faithful slave class. We, in turn, appoint overseers in the Christian congregation.

    Hence, we are "faithful," never betraying or abandoning Jehovah, Jesus, Bible truths, or God's people. Being "discreet," we show good judgement in directing the all-important work of preaching the "good news of the kingdom" and making "disciples of people of all the nations." "At the proper time," we obediently distribute spiritual food that is wholesome and nourishing.

    How can you show that you appreciate God's guidance? The apostle Paul said: "Be obedient to us who are taking the lead among you and be submissive."

    How, then, do you react when you receive divine direction? Do you try to apply it "right afterward"? Or do you continue doing things just as you have been accustomed to doing them? Are you familiar with up-to-date directions, such as those regarding conducting home Bible studies, preaching to foreign speaking people, regularly sharing in family worship, cooperating with Hospital Liaison Committees, and conducting yourselves
    properly at conventions? You also show your appreciation for God's guidance by accepting counsel.

    When faced with far-reaching decisions, you do not trust in your own wisdom but look to Jehovah and us for guidance.

  • stapler99

    It would certainly be interesting to see whether there has been more emphasis upon the authority of the Governing Body in recent years, even if these beliefs are nothing new.

    The absolute strongest possible language may be necessary to leave no space for any doubt as to whether what they are saying is correct. Imagine they said:

    "Because of the preaching work of Watchtower organization and its role in spreading Bible truth, some have reasoned that it has received a special commision from Jehovah, and closely associate with those who call themselves Jehovah's Witnesses. Nevertheless, regardless of our organizational affiliations, all who place faith in the redeeming power of Christ's sacrifice are our Christian brothers and sisters. (Luke 9:49)"

    They would shrink rapidly.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I was thinking the same thing as the illuminator 81. Moses had the pillar of fire and the cloud as his support/proof/evidence that God was with him. What does the Borg have? Sharks with frikkin laser beams on their head? They don't even have temperamental sea bass for crying out loud!!!

    As for obeying the Hospital Liaison Committee people, this is a change I think, noo lite if you will. The HLCs were established to HELP JWs in their dealings with hospitals, NOT to provide even more rules for the rank and file to obey.

  • heathen

    Unlike jehovah they have a nasty habit of blowing smoke up everyones a$$ and telling them the worlds on fire from all their firey proclamations of Gods adverse judgements. These type articles just show how they continue to paint themselves in the corner over spirit inspiration. Jesus anoints people so the spirit can bear witness to the truth ,this is spirit inspiration and or direction . Interpretations belong to God not man.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More
    Thus Moses, God's channel of direction, likely gave the signal to move.

    Move over, evidently. The new buzzword is likely. Absolutely no evidence, just some hunch. The pillar was there, but it wouldn't be God using the pillar as a directive; no they have the AUDACITY to suggest some likely scenario whereby Moses gives a signal and from that arrogant ASSUMPTION go on to say that the 'steward class' give clear (ha ha) signals, ergo articles in the Watchtower.

    STEWARD class? From http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/steward: one employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns (as the supervision of servants, collection of rents, and keeping of accounts)

    THAT imho, is the real business this steward is in - a money making racket!

    Yes, absolutely, crazy stuff for sure and getting crazier with each edition.

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