I was walking my dog and JWs told me about some good news!

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  • moshe

    heheh- doggie pee on a boookbag, that is so funny!

    Terry, those JWs never even got to open up their Bible- for 20 minutes they stood like dopes and let Moshe stupefy them about flood facts.

  • steve2

    Such abysmal ignorance is not in the slightest way dented by the clear light of irrefutable facts.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, you just got started with the flood. Don't forget that Noah had to drop off the Australian and island animals that were isolated. God had to separate the salt water from the fresh water from the brackish water in all kinds of isolated places around the world.

    Science has to be totally wrong with DNA studies that suggest a common ancestor for mankind going back 60,000 years.

    You need to get back out there with your dog more often. Maybe you can stalk these guys.

  • hubert

    Excellent as usual, Moshe.

    I sure wish my j.w. daughter worked your street.


  • moshe
    I sure wish my j.w. daughter worked your street.

    Sadly, she will probably ring the door bell of several ex-JWs in the near future and they have already made a predetermined decision to not talk to her or any JW about the fake WT society religion.

    Science has to be totally wrong with DNA studies

    Absolutely! Dna is a big bomb in disproving the flood story, but you have to be a little bit educated to understand the science of it- it's more complicated than washing a window.

  • garyneal

    Good job Moshe. My wife and I sometimes discuss the flood and all the problems the story has if taken wholly literal. She and I concluded seperately that if such an event did happen, it was localized to a small area that would appear to be 'the whole world' to Noah.

    Of course, this conclusion coming from her is a stunning admission considering that this is not the current WT stance. They still cling to a worldwide phenomenon.

  • hubert

    I saw a program on t.v. a couple years back about a huge lake in Europe or Mid East that the water level was much higher than an adjacent lake, and the water from the higher lake quickly poured into the lower one, possibly causing the "Great Flood" that Noah survived.

    Does anyone remember that documentary?


  • moshe

    yes, Hubert I remember it. The rising of the oceans after the end of the last ice age glacier melt off caused major flooding of populated low areas. So, it makes sense that there would be common flood stories around the Earth that had nothing to do with Noah's flood.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    are they in plague proportions where you are??!!

    i never see any, a very rare thing indeed

    glad you have fun!


  • sabastious
    "Just google JWs and find out why everyone is laughing at JWs"

    No need to take unwarrented jabs. Of course they are going to defend their religion and beliefs. By refering to this community as a "group that is laughing at JWs" is a misrepresentation. Try to keep your comments free of the sarcastic, unloving tone that the Witnesses accuse us of having.


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