How much positive reinforcement do you need to function on JWD?

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  • BizzyBee

    RR said:

    "All im trying to say is that this whole brewhaha over farkle seems to be a little rediculous he did not start this fight... as far as your approach to saying that an "Adult" doesnt need positive reinforcement is rediculous.. would you like for everyone to not acknowledge your post? or better yet critisize everything you said and say it was all garbage?... I think not, or you would not be so defensive about the things you say.. im not trying to start trouble but you need to take your own advice from 10 yrs ago and "use careful, reasoned, polite, non-inflamatory posts" or even "Perhaps, a little more poodle. less rottweiler." so you can be a little less abrasive and more persuasive..

    Sorry, RR, but you have just violated Rule Numero Uno of Farkel 34:12, wherein it states:

    "Obviously, you haven't learn to shut your mouth and get the know the posters for at least several months before you make wisecracks like that.

    "It's newbie Rule Numero Uno in posting board etiquette, right next to RTFM.

    "I've been on this board for ten years and on another ex-JW board for almost 4 years before that. I think it's fair to say that I've picked up a few things over a decade and a half and thousands and thousands of hours of research.

    "So, I believe I have the credibility to tell you to shut your mouth with your uninformed and smart-ass remarks until you get to know people (including me) better in here."

  • man in black
    man in black

    I come here for several reasons,

    1),to read about other persons experiences as witnesses, and to see how they handled it.

    2) , I have to deal with witnesses once in a while (I am a da'd person) and asking questions regarding my situations has been helpful. Many people here have offered some great advice as to how I could proceed.

    3), Reflecting on past experiences as a witness,, I know several people on this board and looking back on situations/people/places is a way to have some retro-fun because of growing up a jw.

    4), keeping up on the strange-new beliefs that the jw org. spews out. I learned so much regarding the "new generation" here that I was locked and loaded when this subject was thrown at me from some witnesses one day. The new elders book is another situation that comes to mind.

    ****, Just a side point, I think that all this fighting just encourages the lurking jw 's here to believe that people who leave the org. are miserable.

    It is not helping at all.

  • Revolutionary Rebel
    Revolutionary Rebel

    First I should start with BizzyBees comment.. I am not bound by Farkle rules, but I see what your sayin "I dont know TMS" but on the other hand from the looks of it only a few people have even met in person so its pretty safe to say nobody really knows anybody on here.. and I dont believe I was being wisecracking... more like checking to see if hes really about what he says hes about.. if he truely doesnt mind criticism then it should be fine right? plus apparently he doesnt want or need positive reinforcement.. now some might say since im a new poster that i have no right to make these kind of comments.. that is a matter of oppinion i suppose, what gives anyone the right to tell anybody anything? just because someone has been on a online forum longer doesnt make him or her more special or have more rights than I.. It just meens that person has been on longer.. granted I try to respect my elders if possible.. but if I feel they are being ridiculous and at some part down right rude.. well i say you are being ridiculous and rude! (except if they have dimentia or alzhiemers or something like it that makes them lose social kind of abilities ..but for the most part if they are what society considers "normal" then sometimes people only lesson if called on it) the bolder printed words in my last post were his own comments.. i didnt put them in his mouth 10 years ago .. heck id have only been 10 years old then.. anyways back to what i was sayin.. if he contradicts himself by doing something different now then what he said when he started , he should be called on it..

    and to man in black i agree we shouldnt fight on here.. but i dont think there is anything wrong with input or criticism aslong as the criticsm isnt purposively trying to hurt someone..

    ~ R.R.

  • TMS

    curiouser & curiouser. . . . . first "Grandma Jones" threatens to dig up some of my old posts for whatever reason. Next, "grandson" posts on "grandma's" account asking for an account of his own which is granted. Now, "grandson" sounding exactly like "grandma" posts excerpts from my old posts just as "grandma" threatened to do. The reality of this is irrelevant, but semi-interesting. Either the apple(grandson) falls incredibly close to the tree(grandma) or a troller is double trolling from the same computer with an identical style, grammar, sentence structure, etc.



    TMS You raise some interesting and valuable points. My own experience is that people in the real world are not a great deal different from JWs. The real world is just a bigger pond with different rules.

    People like to have their ego massaged. They want to appear clever and witty and get favorable attention. If they fail to get the attention they crave, they will often resort to making a fuss just to get any kind of attention.

    Over the year I have been guilty of all these ploys and childish maneuvers. Nothing wrong with that, if it fulfills a need and satisfies emotions that need to be spent. My motive for writing this, may well be to remind everyone that I exist and perhaps strike a cord with others. If that fails I may try sarcasm. I'm just being honest.

    Many people who post here are not fully aware of their motivation for posting or their hidden agenda. Even so, the forum provides an outlet and helps people to grow and mature. Everyone's contribution is valuable and often entertaining. The nutters are hilarious! We pick the post we read and have total control over whether we comment or not.

    If you want give me some positive reinforcement and to contributed to my self-esteem, it would help me to function better on JWD. Otherwise, I may have a hissy-fit!


    I say what I want..

    I make people laugh..I piss people off..I make people think..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • Revolutionary Rebel
    Revolutionary Rebel

    TMS, if you want the truth the truth is this really is her grandson... the reason i went to your old posts was because in other threads that i have read which you commented on.. you take an approach as if no fault is with you.. when in fact i only had to read a couple post from when you started to find you have made a mistake just as everyone has made a mistake.. and guess what? will continue to make mistakes.. the mistake was .. you said the person should write in a nice manner basically yet your posts on other threads shows you dont even follow your own advice! also the only reason i commented about any of your statements was truthfully because you asked for it.. not me but my grandmother.. and since she went to sleep and i seem not to be able to at this time because so much stuff is going through my head since i have not been "awake" for very long i decided id talk to people on here....and why is it trolling to show comments you have made? or is it trolling because i looked at old posts? oh and the reason we type and write similliar is because just like most born ins i was homeschooled for most of my academic education and she was my teacher ....throughout highschool years i actually went through an actuall program but hopefully this explains why we have a simillar writing technique... oh and going back to an earlier post you made about farkle.. i bet if you were giving a talk and at the end there was an open conversation with the audience and they all started critiquing your talk and showing the flaws in your speech or even just saying it was horrible would "turn tail and farkel" so to speak.. even though ive never seen farkle as of yet run from criticism more often i see him getting angry and defensive .. but doesnt everyone who gets ganged up on?

  • TMS

    gladiator. . . .true enough

    outlaw. . . . .very creative

    rev rebel . . . I'm not a big fan of home schooling in most situations.


  • mrsjones5

    No man or woman is an island. Most folks want or need some kind of support or love. It's not childish or immature to have that need.

  • TMS

    mrsjones. . . .I can't disagree

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