WT Society's Paranoia Over Spiral Binding of Elder's Textbook - Crazy

by flipper 67 Replies latest jw friends

  • JWdaughter

    They seem to be revising it so much that they should probably just send it ready to put in a 3 ring binder since they always seem eager to rid themselves of yesterday's "light."

  • drewcoul

    The last letter is fake. But it is hilarious!!

  • b00mslang

    For such a "secret" book it sure is readily available.

    It would probably be easier for the Elders to just torrent it off of thepiratebay and email the PDF to Kinko's and have it spiral bound on the fly.

    Am I correct to assume that this book is already obsolete? At least Chapter 3; "Appointment and Deletion of Elders and Ministerial Servants"?

  • joe134cd

    To me this dictate seems rather pointless. Hell guys get with the game!!! The dam book is splashed across the internet. I think the issue of who binds it would be the least of their problems.

  • flipper

    I noticed this thread had been bumped up so I'll bump it again. Thanks for any comments

  • hoser

    I was visiting an old aquaintaince of mine who was all proud that he was a newly appointed elder. It was about the time the new elders book was released and he was all shocked/pissed off that someone had posted it on the internet. I said oh thats interesting, but I had probably read the book online before he got it through the congregation.

  • besty

    don't forget WTS 'rules' are not the point - the point is the master is jerking the dogs leash.

  • flipper

    I noticed a couple folks responded on this thread a few months ago- thought I'd respond.

    HOSER- That's funny ! I mean- what do JW elders think ? That none of us would get access to the elders books and manuals ? It's the age of the Internet baby- we can get access to anything ! LOL.

    BESTY- Exactly, it's about the WT leaders jerking the control leash around the necks of JW's. If WT leaders aren't in control - they get nervous

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