WT Society's Paranoia Over Spiral Binding of Elder's Textbook - Crazy

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  • flipper

    CLARITY- You are certainly welcome ! You have a great night and rest of your week. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    But yeah, it's pretty dumb of the WT society to think this info didn't get out online......Flipper

    Hey Flipper..

    They Knew..They sent a warning to our board..The book had already gone Viral by then..

    The WBT$ has their head in the sand..

    The WBT$ thinks they will Bark Orders and the Whole World will Obey..

    The WBT$ has no Idea how Unimportant they are in the Real World.

    Nobody in the Real World cares what the WBT$ wants or thinks..

    The WBT$ simply Doesn`t Matter in the Real World..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • GLTirebiter

    Perhaps my take on this is wrong, but it seems to me that the WT is acting much like large companies do. They flatter themselves that their top secret policy manual is incredibly important and valuable, that their adversaries will stop at nothing to steal these incredible secrets. The truth is there is nothing special--almost everybody has one, and they mostly say all say the same things, because lawyers dictate what must and must not be said.

    Paranoia seems too strong a word, it's more like much ado about nothing.

  • WTWizard

    First, I object to the blatant sexism. If there wasn't anything to hide about the way the religion is run, then why can't any witless that is in good standing bind the damn book? The "sisters" are not property--they deserve to know how their corporation is being run, just as do anyone else.

    Additionally, there are many people that will not really notice anything wrong with the book until they see what great lengths the Washtowel goes through to keep it away from the public. The more they do to make sure no one sees it, the more people are going to think they have something to hide. At which point, material that would have gone unnoticed is going to be viewed in its worst light.

    And, there is no way to keep such materials secret. If the One World Totalitarian Government can't keep its agenda hidden (notice the Wikileaks and ClimateGate), then what makes the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery think they can?

  • meangirl

    I think this really shows how the org is really a boys club. I have always felt that way. Not just any boys club. To be accepted you must show yourself a company man. That is why they have to "watch" the baptized brothers bind them. In that way they are kind of flattering the non elder baptized brother by making him feel important enough to bind the book and let in to the club but not have full membership. This gives that guy something to aspire to so he too can be part of the almighty penis club I mean er elder body and have the "secret" book. This also shows the blatant sexism within the org. But hey what do I know, I have a vagina that interferes with my thinking ability.

    Thank you Mr. Flipper for your kind comments about women. They are much appreciated. Also you too WT Wizard.

  • cameo-d

    Perhaps it's the word "spiral" that they are really paranoid about.

    Spiral has connotations not only of a downward descent, but also as a tool in hypnotic illusions.


  • Listener

    The funniest part is that they are being more detailed about their rules on this than in most of the secret book itself, no generalizations here, it is very specific.

    For an organisation that declares it has love amongst each other they have basically said to not even trust your own wife to spiral bind your book even if it is done in front of you.

  • cameo-d

    Listener: For an organisation that declares it has love amongst each other they have basically said to not even trust your own wife to spiral bind your book even if it is done in front of you.

    Could this paranoia be increasing because WT has been caught in so many lies? Looks like Truthers are turning up the heat on them and now WT is running their slaves crazy to be suspicious of "apostate infiltrations" everywhere. Wonder if the JWs will ever stop and ask "why"?

    Maybe they will put up Janet Neapolitan posters in the Kingdom Hall soon.

    "See something---Say something".

  • DagothUr

    Any system of government tends to be more coercitive and oligarchic over time. It's the iron law of oligarchy, developed by Robert Michels and it is also valid when applied to politic parties or to any other hyerarchical structure...like religious orgs. That is why, even if it will go mainstream in doctrine, the Watchtower Society will become even more paranoid and constrictive in it's structure. The ivory tower wich is the GB will become even more inaccesible to the newcomers, Bethel life will be even more eerie, elders will have more power in their congos. Going mainstream in doctrine does not necessarely mean a lightening of the yoke!

  • Listener

    It has to be paranoia. This reminds me that whenever they were lecturing about gossipying they seemed to always be pointing their fingers at the sisters. The examples they would use always involved females.

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