WT Society's Paranoia Over Spiral Binding of Elder's Textbook - Crazy

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  • Mary
    Mary: You did? awesome

    I did. I had lunch with Jim Penton last week and told him what I did. He laughed his head off.

  • skeeter1

    The elder's book is a legal document giving direction from the Watch Tower attorneys to its independent agent elders. If it is routinely disclosed to any person other then the intended elder, then it loses its "attorney-client" privilege. .... I think this is what the Watch Tower wants to argue.

    The elder's book is likely very discoverable in evidence...anyhow. But, the Watch Tower legal department can give a fight that it is not discoverable because of attorney-client privilege.

    Can someone with a copy please scour every word in it to see if there is any mention of it being confidential or privileged information? Look in the front, inside cover and beginning pages and/or chapters.

    From a non-legal standpoint, this secrecy fans the flames of the elder's cocky posiition. It makes them feel "special" and more loyal. It also builds inside their heads that all non-elders and women are not to be trusted and are beneath them. Jehovah has a special place in His heart for his dear henchmen and feeds them special knowledge on how to handle the flock.....all the while hanging their asses out to dry from this "independent agent" bull shit.


  • thenoblelodge

    I'm being a good girlie and keeping it zipped....I know my place.

    Mary - You rock, Oh to be a fly on the wall when that parcel was opened. lol

  • meangirl

    Oh and 3mozzies love it!!!!

  • nugget

    Mary you are a class act. It is the most pointless publication of the year and a waste of trees. Just like kids scour a dictionary for rude words elders will scour the book for what they can disfellowship for.

    As a female I never felt valued by the organisation I wonder why.

  • Soldier77

    Mary, that's freakin awesome girl! You rock!

  • MeanMrMustard

    Hello everyone,

    First post here. I am an inactive JW for about 6 years now.

    My take on this is that they knew 1) the manual would be leaked very quickly, and 2) knew the letter telling all the elders to keep it secret would also be leaked quickly. I don't think its the content of the manual itself that they care about - its all the notes that go into the margins that they want to keep secret. They can tell an elder anything they want, and when the elder adds it to his book, its HIS head on the line. If it gets leaked later, the WTB&TS will just say that the elder in question misunderstood what was said, and those are his own words, not those of the WT. This protects them legally, but all of us know what's going on and any R&F member would also know whats going on too - that it was instruction from the GB. For example, if you look on pp. 72 of the 1991 manual, leaked with comments, a few years back, there are some interesting comments regarding the destroying of records in regards to known child molesters who have the opportunity to be used as elders again.

    I would expect the letter to be very general in nature... After all, they didn't want to say, "Brothers, remember the information in the book is confedential because some of the notes might implicate you in a later lawsuit if it gets out." If they did that, then we would all focus on the notes. And it would connect the WTB&TS to the notes.

    IMHO - we need to get a copy of the recent manual WITH the notes. A COs copy would be good...


  • Gayle

    Mary,,that is a great way to make a point, sending them their own literature!! I just sent them a copy of their own 1947 Awake article with my comment, regarding them damning the Catholic church for excommunication/shunning, them stating that excomunication/shunning is pagan.

    I think for those inclined, sending them their own articles back with comment is a good idea. I know you probably won't get a response, but none the less, a good idea getting an influx of their literature in the mail at some point can make possibly a point to some of those that open the mail or see this kind of response.

  • Vidiot

    meangirl - "...I have a vagina that interferes with my thinking ability..."

    My penis clearly interferez wiht mie thingking abillliteez....

  • VM44

    Let's see, we have the following:

    1) Unbelievers may not bind the book.

    2) Sisters may not bind the book.

    3) Non-elder brothers may bind the book, but only under the supervision of an elder.

    Two defintions of the word "secret":

    a) kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged: a secret password.
    b) faithful or cautious in keeping confidential matters confidential; close-mouthed; reticent


    The book is a secret book.

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