WT Society's Paranoia Over Spiral Binding of Elder's Textbook - Crazy

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  • carla

    just marking so I can print the letter to be the cover when I spiral bind it myself.

  • flipper

    3 MOZZIES- Absolutely hilarious ! Really good. Mommy & daddy arguing over spiral binding the elders textbook. What's this world coming to?

    MEANGIRL- You are welcome my friend ! Take care.

    SKEETER 1- Good points you make. Thanks. Indeed the wording DEFINITELY indicates that non-elder brothers and NO sisters in the congregations can be trusted and it inflates the elders own view of their self importance. A real ego booster ( albeit done in a passive aggressive way ) . The WT society is really good at dividing people within congregations and putting labels on different people. One for sisters. One for children. One for non-elder brothers. And then there is a huge division between WT attorneys and the rank and the rank and file. WT society is ALWAYS trying to cover themselves legally these days. Much more so than say 20 years ago. They are sweating bullets.

    THENOBLELODGE- It would have been REALLY cool to be a fly on the wall watching Mary's package opened.

    NUGGET - I hear you . I know many females who never felt valued in the JW organization. Even me as a man, I feel more valued now than I EVER was being a witness.

    MEANMRMUSTARD- Welcome to the board my friend ! Nice to have you here ! I agree with you. I feel the WT society knew this elders textbook would get leaked , however probably not to the EXTENT it has been leaked. If I were a betting man- I'd say thousands, if not multiple thousands of extra copies of the manual are floating around now ! It's awesome. But you are right- what would REALLY be good is if a lurking C.O. would post a textbook with the notes on the columns. THAT would be priceless !

    GAYLE- That is really great what you did in sending the 1947 Awake to Bethel with your comment about them condemning Catholics for shunning. The more we speak out against their unjust policies perhaps some doubting Bethelite will read it if they open it up. Good job !

    VIDIOT- I think we all have private parts that assist us, usually. Some people's get in their way though.

    VM 44- I kind of got that impression too ! That the WT society REALLY wants this book kept secret ! LOL ! I think they are a wee bit too late for that, eh ? LOL !

    CARLA- Good job ! Bind as many of those elders textbooks as you can ! I think it would be cool if EVERYBODY on the board sent bound elders textbooks back to Bethel in a MASS shipment with a side note : Binded by sister so and so from such and such congregation ! That would be so cool. It would freak them out. You think they are paranoid NOW ? I wish somebody would do it ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    We were raised JW by an abusive father. My bro had only 1 1/2 years of normal family life before embarking on a career at an elite college. We were so thrilled when he left. Soon, Maoists recruited him. He was just a version of my fanatical father. He had a glorified idea of the imptce of his group to the FBI. In his mind, all the FBI and CIA resources were wrapped up in hunting his group did. It truly isn't crazy JW stuff. As the poster proclaims, it is a cult.

    Due process is important to me. My family had airs and secret knowledge from being enmeshed in the Witnesses since Russell's days. My father and uncles were Bethelites for very long periods of time. Altho faithful, they viewed themselves as above rank and file. Whenever there was a tiff at the local hall, we proclaimed "I'm calling Brooklyn." "I'm calling Bro. Knorr." Once when a knocker told me I would perish in 1975, before the date was to be publicized to the world, I said stay while I call Brooklyn. The fear in her eyes was so obvious. She fled.

    There are supposedly God's matters but secret knowledge gives power. I became a lawyer b/c of the Society's unpopular stances. Civil rights lawyers were my heroes and I wanted to be one. I am one now. Along the way, I practice law at a massive NY Wall St. law firm and the US Senate. Justice only exists when the parties are in equal bargaining positions. Regular people cannot begin to afford the legal talent large corps can. A regular person does not have armies of the best and brightest furrowing out every possible permutation of a law. I had no moral qualms on Wall St. b/c it was one massive corp fighting other massive corps with endless streams of funding. The law has no built in equity factor to level the playing field. The same with the Witnesses.

    Besides, should not Biblical proceedings be open? The Witnesses were my imposed life until I could physically resist my father which was at his death. It was so embarassing growing up and yet earnestly wanting my family to be right. Not the loonies that attracted hatred or comedy. In fairness to the Witnesses, I cite the Inquisition, the slaughter of the Heugenots, Galileo, the list is endless. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • aquagirl
  • aquagirl

    Ive got two suitcases full of "elder"s secret notes".Funny stuff,but kinda scary too,because they ruin a lot of familys with their b.s...I am going to publish it,but my mom is still alive and My anger at the JWs is only shadowed by my love and respect for her.She is a sweet soul who had a domineering fanatical husband,ad she did what she had to do.I loved my dad,but he was...wrong.

  • therevealer

    This book of all books that the society publishes has "got" to be from Jehovah through his holy spirit. It is an overall treatise from Jehovah as to how he wants them to conduct themselves in a faithful and discreet manner as his faithful slave. And yet they want to hold it close to the chest so to speak, not even sharing Jehovah's spirit directed guidance. Wouldn't this be the ultimate study material for the whole congregation so that all would fully understand how Jehovah is guiding the flock today?

    Yes I am being a facetious twit.

  • flipper

    BAND ON THE RUN- Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I've always agreed with that sentiment. I enjoyed your post. You've certainly have seen the injustices over the years- especially being an attorney . You mentioned the lack of an even playing field with the wealthy being able to afford attorneys and the poor unable to- I'm quite sure that is one reason the WT society was able to avoid court proceedings in the 16 child abuse lawsuit cases they settled out of court with JW victims here in California. Most rank and file JW's can't afford attorneys, thus the out of court settlement. WT society better hope they don't screw over a wealthy JW who could keep them running in the courts. Then bad publicity follows. Personally, I hope someone has the $$$ and balls to do it.

    AQUAGIRL- That is good you hold off publishing your secret elders notes due to respecting your mom , but I look forward to the time when you make such notes public. Like yourself my dad has been an elder since early 1950's , not AS fanatical, but devoted to the WT organization just as much. I understand the pain this cult caused your family, it did it to my family too. Hang in there.

    THE REVEALER- Good point. If the WT society REALLY felt honest and GOOD about these ridiculous policies in the Elders textbook, yes, you would think they'd share it with congregations at WT studies. But they KNOW the info is unjust and it would cause an uproar in rank and file members- thus they keep it secret. Just like our federal government keeps secret important information from us citizens. Same thing going on

  • Fistandantilus

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYkbqzWVHZI thats what theyll do if they catch a sister binding it

  • Mary
    Gayle said: I just sent them a copy of their own 1947 Awake article with my comment, regarding them damning the Catholic church for excommunication/shunning, them stating that excomunication/shunning is pagan.

    You know what would be a really good idea? If a bunch of us printed off a copy of the 1947 Awake! article and sent it to several Witnesses in our own community. Since so many families are affected by disfellowshipping, reading something like this just might raise some hackles.......

  • flipper

    FISTANDANTILUS- Pretty hilarious stuff ! Getting stoned for saying " Jehovah " . LOL ! Life of Brian is one of my wife's favorite movies ! Wouldn't put it past the WT society to stone women for binding elders books ! They've done stranger things.

    MARY- That WOULD be a good idea to send out the 1947 article to witnesses in our local communities. They deserve as much access to information as they can get ! LOL ! One reason I enjoyed putting news releases of the WT child abuse offenses in car windshield during their meetings. Almost got caught, but I'm pretty fast

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