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  • BabaYaga

    Curious Confused said:

    I am so far entrenched, I cant ever see a way out even if I wanted to - so maybe this is the outlet I need for now.

    This outlet is here for you and for all the rest of us (thank you, Simon) and you are very welcome here.


  • GrandmaJones

    You know, I can understand why you are afraid to read Crisis of Conscience, etc. Let me recommend something you should have no objection to whatsoever, and see where it leads you...Read the Studies in the Scriptures and then think really seriously about what we were teaching during the period in which we were "chosen". I read them, it was probably the thing that was the proverbial "icing on the cake". We just had the DVD this past summer released making a fuss over Russell and Rutherford. See for yourself what they had to say. It's enlightening.

  • mavie

    I was an MS for a few years when I left in my late 20's. The first site I actively researched was this one. At first I thought that all the ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations I saw confirmed the WT appraisal of 'apostate' websites. Yet I knew something was wrong with the Org. So I stayed and read. I did lots of reading, here and on my own. My story is somewhat documented with my old post here. I eventually discovered that this place is like every other. There are some people who will believe anything, some who are skeptical, some who are leave for emotional reasons, some for doctrinal, some who run on about baseless things, some who have real meaty research.

    My point is that you are feeling the way you are for a reason. You seem to indicate that you know something is wrong with the Org, deep inside you. For me the final tipping point was Noah's flood and some doctrinal reasons. For you it will probably be something else.

    I would recommend you visit Jehovah's Witness Recovery forum. That place has less traffic but has more meat and less fluff. When you want fluff, come back here.

    Best wishes.

  • yknot

    CuriousConfused I look forward to your comments and perspective on future threads!

    Other lurking or registered but not yet posting Elders....... I too look forward to the day yall begin to share as well!

    This is an exciting time in the WTS and we all benefit from sharing our collective knowledge!

    BTW... Great thread Mickey Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Welcome CC. I echo the sentiments of others here in that I hope you find an outlet for your thoughts/doubts. It is a safe, welcoming (most part) and friendly place with all types of characters.

    I too would recommend you read 'Crisis of Conscience' and 'Captives of a Concept' - they were the tipping point for me. Or just go and read Animal Farm - that book tells you everything you need to know .

    If you research many faithful believers' life stories and experience the tragedy of their circumstances, I defy how you can see this religion as harmless. As well, it is an organisation that steals people's potential in more ways than one: Talent, career/financial prospects/family relationships/the pleasure of having partners/children (you may be disagreeing here but think how many times the organisation has advised singleness and childlessness for the 'sake of the kingdom'). Consider the blood issue and how many lives could have been saved, the list goes on.

    However 'deeply entrenched' you are, you will in time come to see that that isn't a good enough excuse to continue to support such a toxic organisation. How many solid examples of a pedophile's crimes would you need in order to sever a friendship with one once you found out his true nature?

    I'm not trying to be provocative here or make a personal attack but hopefully to make you think about the seriousness of giving your allegiance to something that has caused and continues to cause so much pain in so many peoples lives.

    You may think you can't survive without it but you have no idea how much happiness is really possible once you are free.

  • donnye

    curiousconfused - I enjoyed reading your post and you seem extremely intelligent and fair. No-one here has dragged me to 'the other side' and I have felt relief at getting things off my chest without being grassed up, while at the same time giving my own experiences which I hope can help someone else to be strong and not be bullied by some of the more controlling elders. I feel alot more peace within myself, and this has made me much closer to Jah, so I am going to try to get to the public talk every week from now on.

    Take care.

  • TheLoveDoctor

    hello curiousconfused:

    I stepped down in feb last year. I had time to read the whole bible once it took me 2.5 years then very recently it took me a year. I did not find the bible very comforting, way to much condoned murder only some of Jesus words were worth something and so much repetition. then began reading other books also that i had the time to reflect on in my life and experieces. the generation change and also a few other important things which u should investigate yourself prove to me if holy spirit is guiding them its not working very well. It should not be makeing errors. Iv come to believe that the watchtower is used to condition us. Yes although i would never think that way once. since 1994 been a mservant then elder for 5 years. I am one that loves people and did what was asked of me so i was bussy setting an example. when your that bussy you only think what you have been fed to think.

    I pioneered 5years also and never really liked the preaching work, got lots of calls a study here and there but I love people so i has fun in service. I guess what i want to say is there is a whole lot out there and not just wtower. I believe that all have a right to thier beliefs thoughts opinons even when i dont agree. Now that i have read sites like and others i believe that the governing body is decective. the bible says to the making of many books is worrisom yet wt has produced over 200 books, manny brochurs and on and on. the things that i find in the bible to be true and that make sense are the simple statements jesus made. Most of them people know and get its applying it not so easy cause were all wraped up in something that just dont matter.

    when i use to prepare for bible highlights or just read the bible and questions by research sometimes it didnt make that much sense or i could say most answers well thats what you say.. realizing that there are others who make some sense. the society focuses so much on prophecy to convince us that the end is very near and we must have a sense of urgency. a sense of urgency last only so long i mean really. every one prophesy they talk about has 2 and 3 fullfillments, that what they say, I'v come to say Come on now.

    I still love the witnesses I know because i love people not because of god or religion. I m still in cause i'll lose my family. I have always believed life is what you make of it and true happyness is not what someday will come but you can have anytime cause it is a state of mind and is effected by what you trulllly believe and by the way you act or live and not based on others or what they tell you.

    I got your statements earlier about how others are well basicly cridicle, though at times i agree with them time i dont. we all will deal diffrently.

    If i could suggest one thing, don't get your info from one sorse. the more you reserch the better informed youll be and the more satistied youll be, question things

    take care

  • inbetween

    couriousconfused, welcome !!!

    The deeper you are in something , the harder it is to get out.

    I serve as an elder as well, and I still try to sort things out.

    learning many things here and on other websides, it was and still is a liberating and the same time disturbing process.

    In my mind, there is an ever changing list of pros and cons of JW. But what I am fully convinced after a lot of reading is, that the claim of being Gods only channel of communciation just doesnt add up. There is soo much nonsense (among valuable things) that we have been taught and force to believe, its almost incredible. On the other hand, there are people, I truly care about, and I have the feeling, as being a member of the conscious class, i can soften the load for them. And in my case, an exit is not possible either, due to family reasons. However, I consider steppping down seriously, just working out the plan and time table (this year, next year, depends...)

    One advice please: Do not get scarred at some comments of posters here. While I try to understand their feelings, its not always fair and balanced, what people say here, but just view it at what it is: Their opinion. not more and not less.

    But the forum here really shines bright, when certain weird things appear, like the guy from Bethel calling to sixscreens, and people, even though against the WTS religion, express their sentiments and doubts about such conspriacy theories.

    So far, I have not been involved in a JC since my awakening. Most I attended in the past though, were individuals that commited fornication and were repentant. I felt like helping them more than judging them. But I always felt uncomfortable. Who knows, what the future holds, but being at an JC might be a breaking point for me. Definetely I could not attend on a case of "apostacy", but this seems anyway very unlikely to happen here.

    PM me if you like, its good to know somebody in the same situation.


  • TheLoveDoctor

    inbetween I enjoyed you comments

  • inbetween

    thanks TheLoveDoctor

    its true, venting here helps keeping sanity while being still in...

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