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  • KristiKay

    I stumbeled across this site after doing some research about earthquakes and "end times". I've had a JW comming to my home for quite a while just stopping by, and she finally convinced me to agree to a "bible study". I was intoxicated at the time I agreed and I figured it would be better to have a set time for her visits rather then her just showing up at random times. Well to make a long story short, at first this religion seemed reasonable to me, because I have no real knowlege of the bible, until she got to the end times stuff. When she told me there are all these signs that we are now living in the end times and the amount of earthquakes we have now prove it, I thought I had better look into this. Well a quick google search disproved that theory, and the more research I have done, I honestly can't believe anyone would believe this stuff. So now I'm stuck with this "bible study". At first I thought that I better bring some things to her attention about her false religion, but apparently she is trained (brainwashed) to argue, and because of my lack of biblical knowlege, she can always pick out scriptures to disprove my points. Oh well, she has told me I'm a challenge. That's where I'm at now. Next week she is bringing her COs wife with her, I think I'll just let her go through her lesson uninterupted. At this point I don't mind her visits, but I have told her that I don't want her wasteing her time. She assured me that weather or not I convert, she's doing what she needs to do for her religion. I just wanted to say hi, and thank you guys for giving me some in sight on how distructive this cult really is.

  • cantleave

    Welcome Kristi - Use the Bible study to get her thinking.

    You need to do some reading. If you pm me your email I will send some stuff that should help you ask the right questions.

    BTW I was in from birth - 42 years old and I was an elder.

  • teel

    Welcome! I think you probably don't want to be rude by telling her not to come any more, but I believe it's the only thing you can do. You can't really argue with her even if you had lots of Bible, psychology, cult behavior, etc. knowledge, because as you have realized there's a brainwashing factor at work. Just tell her you are convinced it's a cult, and no, you don't want to discuss about it, ask her to put you on the Do not call list, and close the door.

    Edit: or if she's a friend of yours, and have lots of energy, try what cantleave suggested I wish you good luck, and keep us posted if you go on this route.

  • not bitter
    not bitter

    Hello. I agree with teel. You should stop these studies asap. Sounds like you are being polite and don't want to upset this lady but you need to put yourself first and not her feelings. She'll get over it, honestly. The majority of JW's are very caring people and believe they are doing Gods will. They will be kind to you and show an interest in your life and the more they do this the more you will feel obligated to continue the study. Stop now is my advice. I was in it for about 20yrs and know exactly how they work.

  • Soldier77

    Hello and welcome!

    She won't get offended if you tell her to stop coming and studying. Honestly, she'll be sad for about 2 minutes that she lost a study, but then realize that she needs to go dig up another one because her average for the month went down and needs to do more for her leaders...

  • OnTheWayOut

    Welcome. Don't tell her where you get your materials (as that would cause her to feel your sources are 'apostate') but use jwfacts.com to get basic problems with their statements of doctrine. Good luck.

  • zeroday*

    Invite me over for your next bible study tell her you have a friend (me) that also wants to learn about the bible then we will have some real fun...

  • Newborn

    Welcome! very interesting to reading your post and I'm glad you've already realised that this is a cult, before coming more involved.

    I also agree that you should tell her that you don't want to study anymore. She has to respect that.

    Good luck and please keep us updated.


  • jgnat

    There are dozens of ways to twist a Witness in the wind, but you must have done your homework first. I ended my book study very quickly when I questioned why the bible had to be swallowed whole. But then again, I'd done my homework.

    This lovely lady and the Circuit Overseer's wife enjoy their time together with you because they get to mark their time towards total field service hours for the month. They are hoping that charm and persistence will overcome any doubts you have.

    If you persistently ask hard questions, it won't be worth their effort any more. If you mutually agree that you are not prepared to make a commitment to the Jehovah's Witnesses, the study will end.

    The next time someone shows up at your door at a random call, ask to be put on the "do not call' list.

  • Gayle

    I am so glad to hear of people like you that at least do some researching at least to go on the internet, ones that try to get a "full" circle story. JWs really do a "Bible" study that is in reality their own "book" study. Their books use some scriptures only to manipulate their indoctrination in fact. They will gradually try to suck people into their organization, have you get baptized, making a vow to God, but also to their organization. Then, #1 is for you also to go recruiting people also.

    Loyalty is demanded by their leadership, called the Governing Body (7 guys right now). To disagree with any of their teachings, members will be disfellowshipped. That disfellowshipping means an absolute shunning in which no JW can even greet the DF'd ones.

    Please continue researching: jwfacts.com freeminds.org and many sources.

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