Where do I start...

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  • Vidiot

    Welcome aboard, fellow newbie.

    I apologize for sounding cynical, but if you're a single mom, you're a prime target for recruitment into any authoritarian High Control group (especially if you're pretty).

    They'll hook you up with a nice MS (who may or may not be stoopid), make you relatively dependant on the Org for most things (social ties, possible employment, etc.), and after you get baptized and marry him (which will happen, 'cause A) MSs who want to stay MSs don't marry non-baptized girls, and B) nonmarital sex is a JW no-no, and everybody needs sex), it will be that much harder to leave if you have second thoughts.

    The nice lady studying with you may view you as a person with value, but the WTS as an organization (or a social organism) is only able to really view you as a potential asset (or liability).

    I'm really sorry for saying this.

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