Well, I just finished reading Crisis of Conscience thanks to IssacAustin!

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  • debator

    CoC is not the holy Grail. It is just an imperfection of men fallacy argument! I'm surprised it still works on people. Only those who expect perfection from imperfection IMO would be rocked by it.

    We are human and we are imperfect and despite being God's people still have to face daily life and administration as his people with these two realities around us.

    Those that are stumbled by imperfection of men couldn't have read the Bible correctly.

  • therevealer

    just wondering debator - have you read the book?

  • Hoffnung

    Crisis of Conscience was THE eye opener for me as well. As soon as I had finished it, I ordered "In search of Christian Freedom" as well. A few months before Ray passed away, I wrote a "Thank you" email to the commentary press email adress, and was very surprised I received a very compassionate and long email from Ray himself. I am still moved by it every time I read it again. Unfortunately I learned of his death before I replied. A great man has left humanity. I can recommend, "the sign of the last days", and "the gentile times rediscovered" from Carl Olof Jonsson as well. Can someone help me to get "apocalypse delayed" on pdf? that would be great.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Debator? you must still be blinded by the cult i hope you get out and start your life...

    Anyway CoC was a great book helped me know that they are 100% WRONG! not just "imperfect" they are WRONG! Ray was a wonderful man. He wrote the book with logic and didn't seem angry or bitter just wanted to state the facts. The reason he got DF'ed is no longer a Dfing offence. I wonder when they make chages do they go back on un-Df people? NOT

  • Ding

    If the GB are just imperfect men, why does disagreeing with them merit disfellowshipping and ultimately annihilation?

    The people who thought they were wrong about an 1874 parousia, a 1914 Armageddon, a 1925 resurrection of the patriarchs, organ transplants being cannibalism, etc., etc., etc. knew more than the WT leaders did.

    So why are those people considered apostates today?

    Why would Jehovah honor the leaders who were wrong and reject the people who were right?

  • Invetigator74

    Apocalypse Delayed - another great read!

  • cantleave

    Bane - has found the truth - hopefully debator will too.

  • mrsjones5

    Nah Reniaa likes being spanked...over and over. But ya never know

  • debator

    Yes and Ray made his money from the book too! Enough to live on with the addition of a few more books down the line.

    Aside from this what happened?

    Did he find God's true religion? Or did he become the Mascot for those that leave Jehovah's witnesses and go on very different and varied paths. Many away from any kind of belief in Jehovah God.

    His fruitage is one of division and that in itself proves his actions were false.

  • mrsjones5


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