Well, I just finished reading Crisis of Conscience thanks to IssacAustin!

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  • Botzwana

    I couldn't put it down! Very informative. I agreed with it all. Only one thing in my personal experience supercedes this a little. Disfellowshipping. In my time with the org I had wild sex on two different occasions, had two marriages not in the truth, did cocaine and pot etc. All of these I confessed to and both times I was only put on private reproof. I wasn't disfellowshipped. In my cases I never thought the Elders were dying to get rid of me. In both cases with two different congregations I did feel the love of trying to keep me in. So while disfellowshipping is absolutely a horrible thing, I think it's a last resort. At least in my dealings with it.

    I hope Issac has other books in PDF format he can email to me.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Disfellowshipping is disgusting. But there are plenty of reasons elders might let you slide.
    You might have really kissed their asses, you might have been a good money contributor or they really liked using your car/minivan in field recruiting, maybe you had some semi-famous JW family, maybe you were just in really tight with some elder.

    Even if not one of those, we read enough of how it is done. I tried to give everyone a break as an elder. But many are power mongers or looking to get rid of people.

    The worst offenders are not fornicators and drug users, but people who openly disagree with WTS. Cigarette smokers are close behind them.

  • yourmomma

    I have been in 3 congregations, and the first one I was in, was like botz described. They did not DF people unless it was last resort, even going as far as begging a young boy not to DA himself.

    However the other 2 congs I have been in DF'd people like a bodily function, some for even refusing to meet with elders for a sheparding call.

    So its really dependant on the local elders.

  • GrandmaJones

    Wild sex? Cocaine? Wow, Botz/Bane, this was a side I didn't expect to see!

    Seriously, the book is something. When you read it, it has a solid ring of truth, doesn't it?

  • wannabefree
    I hope Issac has other books in PDF format he can email to me.

    It sure is nice that you could benefit from the book, it has been a help to so many.

    That was nice of Isaac to purchase a pdf file of Crisis of Conscience for you. Now make sure you don't send copies of that on to others, that would be breaking copyright laws and stealing money out of the pocket of Ray's dear widow Cynthia.

  • Botzwana

    Wait, Issac spent money on that? I didn't know that.

    Is there one available in spanish? My mexican wife wants to read it.

  • JRK


    Can you see that your situation was different than a "born in?" It is their job to make an example out of born ins. Your ass would have been handed to you on a platter if you were.


  • betterdaze

    Is there one available in spanish? My mexican wife wants to read it


  • RosePetal

    I have personally known of brothers and sisters being disfellowshipped for much less than your sins Botz. and some of them very young. It's also luck of the draw which congregation you are in and the body of elders.

    We have only recently read CoC wish we had read that book when it was first published, we would have woken up sooner and left the org. we were too afraid to read it, if only more JW's could read this book and not let fear stop them.


  • Botzwana

    I didn't even hear about the book until I came to this site. Most witnesses are unaware of it. They tell us not to go to apostate sites but most have no idea where they are.

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