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  • Retrovirus

    In my introductory post I told about the JWs that have been visiting me at my SIL's request. At first I spoke with them for her sake, then found I liked them anyway. What I didn't like was the literature, especially the stuff trying to disprove evolution. When I showed them a clear example of well, carelessness at best but more likely dishonesty, they suggested I continue reading the booklet, so I quoted their scripture about not touching an unclean thing. Then they said if I had a problem I should write to the Watchtower about it, and I replied that if they were giving me the material as "the truth", they should own the problem if they couldn't support it. They said they would check, and disappeared for 2 months. I didn't expect to see them again.

    This weekend they returned. They had tried to get the book in question through the library system (The neck of the giraffe), no luck, so have ordered it through Amazon. A brother in another city is helping them; apparently he has some concerns with the literature supporting reasoning with quotations. They asked my opinion about other tracts, and are going to read up about viruses (The literature was basing a case on the cell being the smallest unit of life).

    They really are honest people, as I'd thought at first. But they are convinced that this research will result in me realising that their literature was right all along. They believe everything the Watchtower publishes implicitly. They are happy in that belief. The older lady has Parkinsons, and clings to her hope of being retored with a perfect body.

    Am I doing the right thing in continuing with them? I know they were fine with trying to change my beliefs, but I don't have their certainty. I don't want to cause pain by winning my point.

    I'd welcome your thoughts on this.


  • mamalove

    Kudos to them for not just scratching you off of their "return visit" slip. At lease they seem like they won't get all offended if you question and prove them wrong.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    My personal viewpoint is that one is never to old to see the truth. Others believe that the trauma of realizing that they've been living a lie and are about to die with those false promises unfulfilled would be too painful for an older JW to take and that it is kinder to leave them with their delusion.

    I can see both sides, but as I said I lean more toward telling them as much truth about their false beliefs as posible.

  • flipper

    RTROVIRUS- The more important thing is to help these witnesses see their beliefs are flawed - not worrying about causing pain by " winning " your point. It's not about " winning " or " losing " - it's about helping people to use their power of reason and understanding so they don't get misled from a magazine and book publishing company. The reason the older lady clings to her hope is because she HAS nothing else . She has been duped by mind control to believe she's really going to get healed. You sound like a caring and smart individual. There are ways of talking to witnesses so as not to offend them, but just use reason. It's not easy, but can be done

  • Nickolas

    No. They are good people, perhaps, but they are trying to get you to dabble in an organisation that wants nothing more than to get inside your head and bring you in. It is unlikely you will be able to change their minds while they are interested only in changing yours. The allure of the Watchtower is more powerful than you might think. Cut it off while you still have the ability to think for yourself.


    How good..Are good people..Willing to do very bad things?..

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

    The allure of the Watchtower is more powerful than you might think.
    Cut it off while you still have the ability to think for yourself.....Nickolas

    A Good Dog infected with Rabies..

    Is now a Danger to Anyone and Everyone..

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Glad you are on here and sharing

    On a one to one level, yes many are 'good' people, capable of some real bad deeds

    but they are hypocites of the first order. They should be the dictionary definition of the word as far as i am concerned.


  • leavingwt
    They believe everything the Watchtower publishes implicitly.

    Anything else is considered to be either, (1) DISLOYALTY, or, worse, (2) APOSTASY.

    I believed it all 100% when I was in.

    Read Steve Hassan's first book, and then you'll understand WHY seven million JWs believe things that are (easily proven to be) demonstrably false.

  • Ding

    The WTS indoctrination has JWs constantly looking down their noses on "Christendom," "worldlies," and "apostates" while at the same time always feeling guilty themselves and forever fearing that they haven't done enough for the organization and Jehovah.

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