Are they really that bad???

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  • jookbeard

    I was born in debator I had a the fabulous prospect of possibly dying an excruciating dreadful slow death as an infant if my father decided to withhold life saving emergency medical aid if I ever found myself in that tragic situation, I never had the chance to test the lies and failed prophecies as a baby and an infant isn't capable of doing, in later years as an adult my father and local elders forced me to sit on a JC in a secret kangaroo court on an unspiritual charge of Apostasy, fortunately with a young family I have warned them about the dangers of high control man made cults like the WTS and they would never put their health and well being in a compromising life or death situation, if ever they see WT's in public places they are are ordered to destroy them and if they ever see a Dub in public they have been instructed to tell the Dubs that they are false prophets whose message is to be rejected and whose man made corporation is soon to be destroyed , they also know about the WTS membership of The UN and the child abuse scandal that still rocks them to their rotten core, I have even explained to my wife that my old congregation has an active child abuser amongst it and whose particular preference is to rape 18 month baby boys , with work like this and warning active Dubs and unsuspecting ones it can only help in bringing more out of the evil cult.

  • garyneal

    The beatings will continue until morale improves...

    I wouldn't be a witness If they weren't capable of refinement and acceptance of imperfection
    but that in no way relieves us of have to be united in teaching concerning the Bible......debator/Reniaa

    We know your not a JW..

    Pretending to be a JW,doesn`t make you a JW..

    God will probably kill you first at Armageddon,for being so Annoying..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    LOL Yes I Outlaw I have to agree with you on all points!

    Would he take her need for attention in consideration at all though??

    LOL Yes I Outlaw I have to agree with you on all points!
    Would he take her need for attention in consideration at all though??.....IsaacAustin

    Reniaa is not an Active,Follow the WBT$ Rules JW..

    Reniaa is above WBT$ rules..Reniaa doesn`t do anything for the WBT$,except Embarrass them..

    God doesn`t like that..

    Reniaa will be a Bug on Gods Windshield..When he drives around Earth in his ArmageddonMobile..

    When Reniaa hits Gods windshield.. The first thing that will go though her mind..

    Will be her AssH*le..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

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  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    A casual observer, who has gone back and read some of debator's historical contributions, might easily come to the conclusion that he/she is playing the role of devil's advocate but doesn't really believe what he/she is saying. Debator gets routinely and thoroughly trounced every single time, usually by the same people. He/she has not prevailed even once as far as I can tell. Could it be, perhaps, that his/her motive is actually honourable? Could it be that debator is deliberately helping people improve their abilities to debunk the WTS by pretending to be its thoroughly brainwashed apologist?

    If so, debator, I think you are doing a very good job and should be congratulated.

  • isaacaustin

    Lion Cask,

    I have wondered the same thing at times- what exactl makes Debator/Reniaa tick.

    By the way, you and I are in similar the one you described in your icebreaker post. Feel free to pm me sometime.

  • Qcmbr

    Debator and Reniaa both share very similar styles and approaches:

    1 a seeming belief in WT teachings ( though not ones concerning ' bad association')
    2 a bizarrely thick skin (I'd have left- even if sincere- a long time ago just to avoid the sometime abuse)
    3 incredibly strange double standards. WT gets an unchided free pass on anything it has said or done regardless of how silly or harmful. Everything else -even when right-is somehow found wanting or less than perfect when set against the infallible Brooklyn. Science, history, logic, fact, evidence and countless intelligent people are all sacrificed willy nilly on the alter.

    In light of this I can only think that either LionCask is right or Debator is actually ill (actually believing and defending a set of shifting sand groundless statements is mentally destroying and D does it all day long regardless of debate defeat after defeat.)

    Debator please stop responding to doctrinal questions and reveal who the heck you are and what your motivation is!

  • jgnat

    You must know, Q, that Debator would not dignify this board with an honest answer. I am sure we are seen as slavering beasts under the control of the Evil One.

    I wonder if there aren't many more people who consider themselves Jehovah's Witnesses than the society would acknowledge (Barna estimates that 1/3 of self-proclaimed Witnesses are not attending). These would be True Believers who for whatever reason (smoker, common-law, disfellowshipped, whack-a-doo) don't attend the Kingdom Hall. I suspect that Debator is one of these, and uses these discussions as a twisted way to keep the faith. (Nothing like a good round of abuse to confirm a delusion).

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