Strange, Offensive , Weird Statements on DFing Offenses in Elders Manual

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  • FlyingHighNow
    Flipper, they always bring up the GLAND problem......I myself have a thyriod problem went from 125 to 130 lbs. Went back to 125 after I got on meds.............. When you eat to many goodies you get fat!!!! My mom told me her witness friend ate a whole cherry pie in one setting... The same with a half gallon of icecream...... how can you NOT get fat if you do that to many times But nobody gets DF or even talked to.
    The bible says its a sin....... THEY say size does not mean anything........... I say if your 350 lbs your a glutton
    I love to eat and have to control myself!! some people have a harder time controling their eating.. I understand that! I can't seem to quit smoking that's my self control issue! Can't be a weak in the faith JW and do that....... but you CAN be a GLUTTON even if their bible says NO they say YES. They make their own RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How old are you anyway?

  • Leolaia

    The_Present_Truth....What an experience! I'm bookmarking this because it really sums up the pettiness in the "spiritual paradise".

  • The_Present_Truth

    Ah yes .... A "spiritual paradise" indeed. Crazy that they have a problem with me catching a few z's on a couch after working on the Hall like that and yet they don't have any problem having me do the same kind of work out in Brooklyn while working on the Sands building and sending all of us guys to shower naked together in a group twice a day. Now that's messed up! If they're such prudes and worried about the "appearance of things" how about they give the brothers at Bethel some privacy with individual showers? Personally I think that group shower thing is just another way of taking away the rank and files dignity at Bethell.

  • scary21

    Present Truth, like I said before, they think once the sun goes down the sins go up!( I do alot of my sinning in the day time)


    Flying High Now, I'm 56 yrs young... look great( if I may say so myself) ... long blonde hair and a little help from Juvederm...

    My younger sis and my daughter keep me young with alot of partying

    still out of control

  • Sayswho
    Magwitch, Said:
    #11 stayed all night in the same house with a person of the opposite sex. GUILTY!I stay over at men's houses a lot. Sometimes even in the same bed - It's usually because I did not want to drink and drive or because I did not want to drive in bad weather. Nothing has ever remotely happened in the area of PORNEA. My male friends are not the sexual pigs the watchtower says non jw's are.

    WOW: Since when would a man who would want to have sex or sexual contact with a women that's in his bed make him a "pig"?...

    • YOU DIRTY ROTTTEN PERVERED PIG… now get away from me and masturbate yourself !

    ...Remember in the morning when he wakes up...he's not semi-hard because he's aroused by you...he just has a pee-on.


  • Butterflyleia85

    Depression- Duh despair and depression hits all Dfed people even when getting reinstated so what the heck they know about dealing carefully and compassionately. My elder’s sucked at this part.

    Porneia- My thoughts exactly (how can you have your genitals manipulated without skin to skin contact)… but maybe they mean through the clothing if one rubs another person that’s porneia. Any kind of excitement between man and woman probably would be wrong to most JW. How boring and a way for JW to be even more secretive.

    Rape- I remember when I was drinking and I was at home safe. A dating couple (not very strong JWs) stopped by with a worldly guy friend of theirs to watch movies… and hang out. Well we all were drinking accept one. I had way to many and that guy friend of theirs ended up sleeping me. Heck I wasn’t in my right mind! I admitted to that but I told the elders that he took advantage of the situation, and if they could have some sympathy… That it was a mistake and I would have never let it happen other wise. They had no sympathy since I was Dfed before and committed the same sin! At that moment I was thinking man why did I tell on myself this was not worth getting Dfed for the second time! And that was that I was Dfed. Not quite rape but surely something that took a man who had no respect for a woman and friends that allowed it to all happen! I am upset it all happened!

    Opposite Sex- OMG I remember my gay guy friend and I were thinking about moving in together! That was a big no no. But he was gay, what was the harm. We never ever even considered doing it or had that kind of thinking toward each other, he was a girlfriend to me. We were both going to get DF for the first time for different reasons but both our families said this was no good to decide to move in with each other. So instead we had separate apartments and visited each other often because again we were both Dfed and Depressed. Well when the elder asked if I was hanging out with my gay friend I said well yeah. They said if I continue I will not be reinstated and that I need to quit associating with him. OMG he was depressed as far as claiming suicide I couldn’t just abandon him… his family were shunning him and I was all he had. It wasn’t fair!! He couldn’t afford professional help either. I ignored the elders for the most part and besides when I told my friend what my elders said it made him feel even more guilty and he abandon me thinking this was for the better for my situation (since I was about to get reinstated)… I still to this day try and keep in touch and hope his ok but I will never know.

    Physically Unclean- OMG I never heard that someone could get Dfed for not being physically unclean… I wonder even if that’s possible. Lol I’m sure someone would go over the person’s house and help them before Dfment would happen.

    Gluttony- Ok I don’t see this either. There is an extremely over weight guy at my old hall and he was never Dfed. As far as this being a thing of they have the right to DF… wow that really is a sucky rule because some have a medical problem, like bad thyroid, obesity in it’s self is a disease that needs medical care not DFment. Man they have Dfment for everything as the resolution to their problems! Instead of letting that person just live their lives and have moral support.

    I just wonder how long elders wait on Dfing people or if they think we got to get this congregation clean now and DF them the next week! I feel that in most circumstances if they can’t solve the situation in a month they decide to DF. But most serious medical reasons are not taken to consideration like they should and just the situation so the person is Dfed before helped. (From my own experience) Yeah I get punishment is needed as far as someone doing wrong and going according to the need to pay for sins... well did they consider that the emotional abuse or self abuse was punishment enough... Some people just need help and to be listened too.

  • flipper

    BABA YAGA- It is a maddening subject for sure. It is absolutely insane the amount of control exercised over Jehovah's Witnesses by the leaders of the WT society. It chills me to the bone absolutely because I still have family on the inside buying the lies

    Going to bump this up as I was unable to read some of the threads as it wouldn't let me scroll down after one persons post, I don't know why, but I'll answer the rest of you soon

  • The_Present_Truth

    Test post .... the end of page 3 doesn't seem to be showing up right the last few days and I can't view the most recent posts. I want to see where this one lands.

  • flipper

    O.K. LADY LEE fixed the problem which was jamming up this thread so we couldn't see any new replies. Apparently my HTML code was corrupted. Must have been " spiritual leaven ! " LOL ! Anyway, Thanks Lady Lee , I appreciate it !

    FHN- That is funny ! Chevy Chase got powers from nuclear waste in a movie and gave his girlfriend orgasms across the room through his mind ? Mrs. Flipper's told me I have that kind of power as well ! LOL ! Works good when a person is too tired for the REAL thing. I think the group Golden Earring had a song called " Radar Love " in the 70's so it IS possible !

    THE_PRESENT_TRUTH- I'm so glad that negative experience opened your eyes to the WT society injustices being done on a wide scale basis. Yeah, " Habits for Humanity " would be a much more noble cause. And yes, believe you me - I saw fellow JW's getting it stuck to them VERY often all the time. I got it stuck to me so much injustice wise by the witnesses - I have tire tracks going from the soles of my feet all the way up my buttocks up my back across the back of my head. It got to the point I was constantly looking behind me after fading for a time. Freaking paranoia. Much better now. They haven't bothered me in over 3 years now. It's about time. I hope they leave you alone buddy.

    LEOLAIA- WT society is very petty for sure ! They nitpick on EVERYTHING !

    SCARY 21- It sounds like you are doing great at 56 years young ! Good for you. Hang in there and keep a positive attitude .

    SAYSWHO- WT society says men are " dirty pigs " - Magwitch wasn't saying men are " dirty pigs ". She was saying the WT society views them this way. But like she said just because a man & woman sleep together doesn't mean they'll have sex. Of course, I'm the kind of guy that would NOT sleep with a woman unless I was sexually attracted . Perhaps the WT society views ME as a pig. Who knows ? LOL ! But I don't care. I have a loving wife and she thinks I'm a classy pig. All that matters to me.

    BUTTERFLYLEIA- Exactly what you say about elders lack of compassion towards depressed ones is true. Especially DFed depressed ones. It's disgusting. They make sex seem dirty to the JW members which as you said makes many JW's sneak around because they have repressed views of sex. They are beaten down with guilt. I'm sorry you got DFed when that guy took advantage of you in a intoxicated state . Elders should have shown more insight. That is awful and total control tactics the elders used in getting you to stop associating with your gay suicidal friend. The leaders of this cult can't see how hard they are towards people. Elders are more concerned about punishing people than helping them sadly

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this up if anybody wanted to comment. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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