Strange, Offensive , Weird Statements on DFing Offenses in Elders Manual

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  • scary21

    #11 I just don't get the thinking you ( only have sex at night).........GOOD THING THEY DON"T KNOW ABOUT AFTERNOON DELIGHT! how about you just got off work at 11.00 pm went home took a shower .......drove to your girlfriends house.......played a

    couple card

    games.................watched a movie..........had a bite to eat................left at 5.00 am..........your DF

    #19 Has anybody really been DF for being to fat?...... not from what i've seen LOL.....................but you will be kicked out of the kingdom for smoking a cig.............. I know... I know it's a drug ,,,,,,,,,,,,so is coffee ha ha

    out of control

  • drewcoul

    Could perhaps an elder or former elder answer this question....... Why would a woman need to report being raped to the elders? If a woman were raped and didn't report it, and it was later found out, how would that be handled normally?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why the WTS thinks a woman who is raped (or a man for that matter) would need to report it. If it were a child reporting being molested, they claim they need two witnesses. I don't get it. could someone answer what the WT viewpoint is on this?

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Flipper, sent you a PM :)


  • carla

    This thread is just too good to pass up! I must include it when I print out the new elders manual. Yes, to be printed and bound by these female hands! tsk, tsk

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    "They hadn't thought of any other possible scenario, my innocence was not fathomable.....They had it written down like it was an actual crime that had taken place and I was accountable for my whereabouts. I was surprised how sure of my guilt they were. They wanted to catch me soooo bad. It was so exciting for them to play cops and robbers, lording thier special book of rules over people. It was so dissapointing for them. They were genuinely upset that they could not Df me."

    Sounds all too familiar! Based solely on my wife's false accusations, elders and so call friends could not possibly fathom my innocence and for years have maintained my guilt. From the moment she made her claim (to cash in on our real estate holdings $$$) I was guilty and from that point on the only efforts made were to confirm my guilt and justify all the activities being undertaken to prove my guilt. And, no one ever questioned her motives and where did she suddenly get all her new found money!

    For months I felt I had to justify my every move and location. Since the slander being spread ranged from adultry to gay escapades I felt as though everyone was looking at me wondering where my penis had been and I had to explain all my whereabouts. From that point on I felt the real "Love" among the brotherhood as there was no possible other scenario and as a result I had to be extricated at all cost. I too was surprised "How sure of my guilt they were". In the end I did not get DFed, but for years I was treated like I should have been. All this damaged me and now I know what it is to be a "SilentLamb"


  • flipper

    COFFEEHOUSEGIRL- Sent you a PM on what you requested. Please read. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Finally have some time to respond to this thread ! Thanks for all the different responses ! Serious AND comical replies. It keeps things interesting.

    ITSACULT- Yes, indeed- it IS too much information that the WT society tries to get access to regarding it's members !

    TWINKLE TOES- Your experience is probably a very common one actually. I've heard of elders trying to get the goods on JW members, they tried getting me too ! Maybe your then boyfriend DID have a T.V. with a woman's voice talking ! LOL ! I bet it did make you wonder a little bit. I'm glad you got your freedom and got out of this stalking cult.

    FARKEL- Hey guy, nice hearing from you ! How are you ? In regards to your question about the Bible saying that titties are a horrible thing - I don't believe there is ANY reference about titties being a horrible thing quite honestly ! LOL ! The Song of Solomon talks a lot about clutching the shulamite's breast's etc, didn't the Proverbs or something say that fire can be raked up into the breasts ? Nothing like " hot breasts " on fire ! Although I think it's figuratively talking about passion. But THAT'S a good thing too. No negative connotation there. Personally- I always felt Freddie Franz was from planet Neptune to be quite honest. Spoke an alien language which NO one could understand. My 2 cents. Since I don't believe in the Bible - I believe normal sex is fine between unmarried people. If there is a God - He's got better things to do than worrying over whether people are boinking or not.

    AGONUS- Exactly. WT society never goes beyond the things written by themselves. But sometimes they DO ! Like the " generation overlap " revamping of the last days . They always seem to be changing.

    SABASTIOUS- My name is Flipper, sometimes I am a glutton as well. We make up a large gluttonous army !

    JWGONEBAD- Bring on a committee ! I'll stare them down with my x-ray eyes ! I have spiritual powers they know nothing of ! LOL !

    NATHAN NATAS- Yeah, I've heard of the dry humping thing though. But a person can get rug burns on private areas though. Skin is definitely much softer. Don't want any chafing.

    WILL_THE_APOSTATE - Glutton AND porneia, eh ? Sounds like you will keep the elders busy !

    HADIT- Good points you make ! How can a person " manipulate " sex organs without " casually touching " them ? Perhaps the GB is thinking that if people use sex toys- they aren't REALLY touching their sex organs ! Only thing I can think that they mean. But a person STILL has to touch the sex toy, don't they ? The counsel elders get on rape is sick for sure. Definitely mind control.

    OTWO- You aren't trying to use a pun are you saying the WT society " mistrusts the members " - are you ? Oh- I get it, you mean they mistrust the individual witnesses . Now I've got it straight. Yes, it's awful how they treat with suscpicion a woman who gets raped. Ridiculous. You have it right- WT society needs to STOP infiltrating people's personal lives and needs to allow members breathing room. But they won't. THey are into ultimate control of JW's.

    STREETS 76- It is amazing that Russells, Rutherfords, & Knorr, & Fred Franz's teachings are basically null and void now. The alleged " light " just keeps spinning around into oblivion.

    CLEARPOISON- Yeah, I hear you - I used to get excited as a teenager with all my clothes on making out with young lady's. So, it's possible. But naked is better ! LOL !

    BLUESBROTHER- I was thinking the same thing you mentioned when reading about this gluttony thing. How uncaring and insensitive of the WT society to not consider young women who may suffer from annorexia or bullimia ! Typical WT society- people don't matter.

    STRAIGHTSHOOTER- I agree with you. How intrusive can elders be to DF someone for physical uncleanness. Is it gonna be a strip search like they do for boarding airliners ? Jeez. I can just picture elders giving a white glove treatment with a washcloth on someone's body at a JC. I mean, it gets to the point of PAST ridiculous

  • Farkel


    :Without the Fall in Eden, a religious conservative is left with a huge existential quandary.

    Quite pedantic. Please let me rephrase:

    Without the Fall in Eden, a religious conservative is left with a huge pile of bullshit to explain.

    Thank you.


  • flipper

    O.K. Now for pg. 2 responders ! Thanks for your comments.

    VIDIOT- Nice to have you on the board ! Welcome ! Good points you make. I believe the GB member Ray Franz was referring to that said they " couldn't allow the brothers and sisters too much rope or they'd take advantage " was Ted Jaracz. He REALLY mistrusted everybody, probably even himself. Though he wouldn't admit it. But yes, the bottom line is the WT society DOES NOT trust it's rank & file members because they feel they are all sinful. The Adam & Eve story instills a guilt and fear into MOST conservative religions and their people so it pushes a negativity hard to overcome.

    SCARY 21- It is weird how the WT society just assumes everyone is having sex at night ! LOL ! Morning time is good too. Afternoons like you stated can be good. People just may be up playing cards or watching movies all night- and elders will stake out a house to observe THAT ? Weird. And you are right- I don't believe I've EVER heard of ANYBODY being DFEd for being a glutton. So ridiculous.

    DREWCOUL- In reality a woman should NEVER have to report if she was raped except to police authorities to prosecute the rapist. But in the WT society- Jehovah's Witnesses don't handle life in a REAL way. To elders , they probably would look into it just to be nosy and masters over the poor woman's life. Also- They would be curious if she did anything to " bring on " a rape by dressing sexy , or was she hanging out at nightclubs with what they consider " bad association". It's really NONE of the elders business- but with EVERYTHING that goes on in witnesses lives- they MAKE it their business. Total control. How would they handle it ? They'd probably ask the woman who was raped many personal and insinuating questions which would drive her crazy mentally. It's sick and disgusting.

    CARLA- Yeah. Plenty of off beat input on this thread for sure ! Some humorous, some disgusting, but it makes for open, interesting discussion.

    HIDING QUESTIONER- I'm sorry you were treated so horribly. I too was slandered by my JW ex-wife and although I'm not DFEd these last 7 years I've been fading- my ex-wife has convinced my 2 adult JW daughters I SHOULD have been DFed. No telling WHAT people say about me where I used to live. But I'm to the point where I just don't care anymore. Many of those people were never my REAL friends anyway. Hang in there guy- we care for you here. Keep moving on in your life. It's the most productive positive thing you can do for yourself

  • flipper

    FARKEL- I like your reasoning & blatant honesty in layman's terms ! I concur with you

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