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    Welcome to the board Not Bitter.

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    Yes ,not bitter , many of us are in the same situation as yourself. I was baptized at 14 and my folks had great aspirations for me ( becoming a missionary,working at Bethel,etc),all their hopes dashed when I diassociated myself a few years later. My folks ,as yours, are still very strong in "the truth" and still pray for my return, no matter how I have lived a very productive and caring life. Nothing will please them more. Yet I hold back on telling them anything negative about the WTS,biting my tongue at times(lol),not to blow apart this WT world they enjoy living in with all their relatives and friends . I really beleive they couldn't handle it . So their being up in age, I keep a closeness , or what little closeness we share,and try not to jeopardize that.

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    not bitter

    I don't remember what age I was getting baptised but I think I was around 14 or 15 too. I only did it because my parents along with other in my cong used to comment on how wonderful it was that a girl in another cong was because she dedicated her life at 12 or 13 and she got so much praise, I thought if I do that I'd get praise and acceptance also. Its disgraceful when you think of it now. I would be so opposed to my daughter making any such decision in her life at such a young age. It wasn't only for that reason. I did believe it all but I was definitely pressured into it. I do find it hard to understand and accept the decision our parents made in keeping us out of everything. What every child wants and needs it so be like all the other kids but we were made to look like and feel like freaks. I wouldn't dream of doing that to my child.

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    This is your first time, so I will be gentle.
    Welcome to the forum.

    I understand the comment about "rocking the boat" but I would say that even a dying JW deserves the real truth if it could actually be conveyed to them. We all should have complete information available to us. But that dying JW and many living ones don't want the truth, can't handle the truth. So you don't need to rock the boat sinc they won't listen anyway, but be ready to provide truth if they ask for it.

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    not bitter

    I would absolutely tell them if they asked or brought up the subject. They have never asked me why I left as far as I can remember so maybe they don't want to know.

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    Hey there not Bitter, welcome


    Jehovah's Witnesses resemble those first followers of Jesus who were called christians and were viewed as a sect back then - Acts 11.26;28.22.

    There is only one true sect today that God Yahweh approves of is Jehovah's Witnesses. They will have their day soon as the fantastic prediction is in place for 2011 AD. Go to and follow directions there.

    I am posting on alt.religion.jehovahs-witn , ( google groups ). There are numerous articles there proving beyond a shadow of a doubt Jehovah's Witnesses are " in it " . They are covered by the endtime period resembling the times of Noah's days . For Jesus to return there must be the true christian religin in place for at least 120 years and proclaimed to the nations of the world.

    There is no other christian organization that stands close now to Jehovah's Witnesses . You can try and will find none !

    It must be strictly related to endtime chronological dates.These date must be coupled with the dates when Jesus and his first disciples lived and taught a new religion that was burying the old religious system. And now one true religion must do the same by burying all other religions.

    Simply it is destroying all other religious organizations that claim to be true .

    Your parents in cult Jehovah's Witnesses should jump for joy awaiting what may happen in 2011 AD .Tell them that .

    You risk a lot by denouncing your parents' beliefs.If it turns out they have the true religion you are a looser unless you become saved before it is too late.

    7 BC = 1879 AD ; 2 BC = 1884 AD ; 29 AD = 1914 AD .

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    Hello and welcome...this is a good place to be ...

    Loz x

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