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  • Heaven

    If it turns out they have the true religion you are a looser unless you become saved before it is too late.

    After all you posted I find it surprising you would use the 'If' word. Sounds like you have some doubts.

    I am 47 years old and all the Watchtower has ever done is lie to me starting with 'you'll never grow old in this system of things' followed by:

    1) You'll never have to go to high school. (I graduated high school in 1982).

    2) You'll never need a career . (I am now closer to retirement than the beginning of my career)

    3) The end of this wicked system will come in October 1975. They even had the audacity to announce this on the radio. All my school chums and I said mock goodbyes to each other. (Armageddon didn't come... it STILL hasn't come... and it won't come.)

    4) Jehovah's Witnesses can answer all your questions. (They've never answered one)

  • straightshooter

    Welcome. Personally I would let your parents be unless they are causing you difficulties. Some depend on the association at the KH. Also some hinged their lives on the hope that the paradise is right around the corner. In such cases it would be best not to rock the boat.


    This is a big difference .To understand it tune to Open Forum program by Harold Camping ( )

    he is not predicting anymore 2011 as he is 100% sure on May,21,2011 AD and October 21,2011 AD.He is declaring these dates as 100% sure and if you doubt it will not happen as he says he will tell you don't trust the Bible.His news go all over the world now .

    The date May,21,2011 will be awaited like no other date before in mankind's history I assume.Just visit the website it is technically the best-made website to see . My website is simple.Jehovah's Witnesses had not taught the way Camping teaches about set dates for the Judgement Day.

    If I predict it means that most likely it will happen but it may not .Only the Bible is infallable while I can be fallable.
    There is no date set in the Bible so the date I am giving is based on the understanding of the Bible I have at this time.

    During Noah's time God set the times : 120 years, 7 days He Spoke.

    The Bible was completed about 100 AD and God not spoke the date for the end of the world . And from that time on God doesn't speak any more .

    So ,we must rely on the information from the Bible and it was hidden information and now when we are near the end we can know the time.

    People before us didn't need to know the time as they were not to live to the very endtime .

  • fadinfast

    OBVES you said " For Jesus to return there must be the true christian religin " By there own admission [and we prove they lie] they say "Jehovah's Witnesses have the true religion," Wt. 09 9/15. So my friend I suggest you look elsewhere for your true christian religin.

    Not Bitter Welcome! I would agree with OTWO, freedom of speech is great and should be accessible to all,but we all know who we are dealing with [ their age, frailties etc ] so it becomes very much a personal decision. FF

  • cheerios

    not bitter .. welcome! enjoy your stay here :) we're a good bunch :) we even have a few weirdos .. what site wouldnt be complete without a villiage weirdo or two?

    so relax, read, learn, and tell us all you like :)

  • Hadit

    Welcome Not Bitter! Take it one day at a time - you will figure out the right thing to do. Trust your heart.


  • Botzwana

    OBVES, you sound like me a few months ago. I hate your condemnary tone. Man I must've sounded like a complete ass...

  • pirata
    you are a looser

    You got that right!

    loose (ls) adj.loos·er, loos·est

    3. Free from confinement or imprisonment; unfettered:

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    welcome! I don't have older parents in but some of the JW's I care about that are older I couldn't rock there boat.. but if they wanted to know I would tell them if they were ready.. cuz your never too old to start to live. But ya... don't go out of your way.. just my thoughts. and welcome!

  • GLTirebiter

    Welcome, not bitter, and glad to make your acquaintance! Sadness, anger, laughing out loud: it's all part of the recovery. If you live up to your screen name and leave the bitterness behind, you'll do just fine.

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