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  • mrsjones5

    Over the Thanksgiving weekend my family and I stayed with a dear friend. Our dear friend partakes of medical cannabis which helps with his depression, insomnia, and panic attacks. He suggested that my husband should give it a try because it could help relieve his pain and help him to sleep during the night.

    So hubby tried it (three nights in a row, about 15 minutes each session), didn't like the scatchy throat he got from inhaling the smoke but he said it helped his pain and he was able to rest. He wasn't too comfortable partaking but since we've been home he's kinda changed his mind about it. Says that the quality of his sleep was better, his blood pressure went down, his pain was less and he was able to sleep during the night, and he had no acid reflux (well that was because he didn't take his prescribed medication (about 18 to 22 pills every night) during the time he was smoking the pot).

    Now hubby is seriously considering getting a prescription for medical cannabis. I don't have a problem with it as long as it helps my husband.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I have so much compassion for anyone who is suffering chronic illness and pain. It is depressing and can wear one down over time. Whatever gets you through the day, is my motto, and no one else should judge.

    Every medication has its side effects including marijuana. After educating oneself, it's a judgement call on the person who is suffering to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks for any medication and in choosing between medications. Sometimes its just a case of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

    No one else's judgements are needed or helpful.

  • nelly136

    i know someone who uses it for pain, theyre not a smoker so they eat it instead.

  • nelly136
  • new light
    new light

    Anything that gets someone off of 18-22 pills a night is a good thing. It is good that you live in a state that allows you the option of MMJ. I suggest looking into buying a vaporizer, which heats the weed only enough to release the medicine without making smoke. Quite a bit easier on the lungs. And then there are the edibles as mentioned above. Good luck.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It can't really hurt (much) to have him look into it and ask a doctor about it. Just remind him to be careful about mentioning who shared their medical supply with him. I don't know how that might go down.

  • only me
    only me

    My SIL uses a vaporizor to smoke his medical marijuana. Takes a lot of the harshness and carcinogens out.

    Nelly is right about the food too...cannibis has an affinity for chocolate.

  • The_Present_Truth


    As someone who was raised a JW and is generally conservative/ leans "right" in my political beliefs, I never thought I'd say this but I actually support the legalization of at the very least medicinal cannabis. It strikes me as absolutely absurd that "man" would outlaw a naturally occurring plant that was likely in existence before man was. All these other prescription drugs have side effects - many of them very dangerous. The government and companies have zero issue with legalizing, producing and prescribing drugs for depression that could for instance make you want to commit suicide. It's crazy. Now, I don't use cannabis. I tried one hit about a dozen years ago and nothing happened. However, I have researched it for business purposes. The landscape of the medicinal market is changing and I think eventually there will be opportunity there.

    That said, check out these forums:

    Tell your husband that the little burn in the back of his throat could have been caused by the grower not flushing the roots of his plants with water to get the nutrients he had fed them out of their system. It shouldn't bite like that in the back of the throat. Also if it happens to pop at all when it's lit, that can signal that there are still chemical nutrients present in the bud. He'd also probably benefit from consumption via a vaporizer vs. smoking it. Much healthier. You'll also find recipes on the above forums for cooking with it.

    Again, I'm just very well read. I promise. Hope he finds some relief.

  • purplesofa

    Glad it's helping your hubby MrsJones!!


  • NomadSoul

    A tip if you don't end up using a vaporizer.

    Use a bong. Use ice cold water. And depending on the design, you can put ice in there to cool the water down. This will significantly cool down the smoke and won't cause a scratchy throat. Rinse and repeat as needed.

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