Medical Cannabis

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  • NomadSoul

    It's intriguing how many types of strains a grower can make from just one. Anyways, didn't mean to hijack the thread.

  • mrsjones5

    Anyways, didn't mean to hijack the thread.

    No problem, the back and forth was interesting.

  • Botzwana

    I am for legalizing it too. I would love to smoke it as I did in my youth. I did take it in pill form when I had cancer.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Any of you people watch "Weeds". It is the most hilarious show. I'm totally addicted. (to the show, that is )

  • The_Present_Truth

    Great show. The last season wasn't quite as good as the seasons before. We missed the rest of the characters that rounded out the show in the first few seasons.

  • The_Present_Truth

    MrsJones ...

    Here's a video that you and hubby should watch. Nomad Soul may want to watch it too.

  • Botzwana

    Why does the society say that a plant created by Jehovah God is evil?

  • Nickolas

    While I support the legalisation if not decriminalisation of cannabis, I might put forward a couple of small cautionary notes from personal experience. It can become a daily habit - I guess it does become a daily habit if used medically, but I used it recreationally, mostly daily. When I used it I enjoyed it very much, even though I used small quantities. An ounce would last me a couple of months. But there were things about it that I did not like by the time I gave it up. Mostly, it made me paranoid, it sometimes got my head wrapped around depressing thoughts and it sapped my ambition. I was content to sit in front of the TV, take a couple of tokes and watch Kung Fu reruns (now I'm dating myself, for sure) while munching on potato chips and sucking back a couple beers or cola. I also found myself doing it in the morning sometimes and that had the usual result of writing off the entire day. It was hard to get things done. You also do not under any circumstance want to operate machines for a few hours after using it because it distorts reality. For me, cannabis was a double edged sword. It altered my perceptions considerably and, I think, beneficially. I gleened insights into things I would not otherwise have seen. But it also made me stupid. It wrecks concentration and makes one prone to mistakes. The stone wears off, so the aforementioned effects are mostly temporary - mostly, but not entirely, because THC builds up to serum levels in the bloodstream. The more often you toke, the more it builds in your bloodstream and some of the negative aspects of the drug stay with you in the background until you are off it for several weeks. I can still sometimes recognise a heavy user, even when he isn't high.

    Just to emphasize, mrsjones, I am not anti-cannabis. Cannabis is a lot safer than many prescription drugs in use, so it should not be discounted, but it is easy to abuse. What is different for me than when I was younger is I now have the self control of an older man. If I find myself in a health situation that might benefit from its use, I will use it again. Like any other drug it affects different people different ways. Most people can handle it, some cannot. You just need to be a little circumspect.

    My $0.02

  • dssynergy

    I have just started using medical marijuana for my depression in the last month. I think it is really helping. I use a vaporisor. If you want any suggestions about which one I use, PM me.

    As far as the JWs go - I recently talked it over with an elder - during a general conversation and in very generic terms - he said that there is no issue taking the marijuana itself, that smoking is the issue. He also said that if he were taking the marijuana, he wouldn't tell anyone else about it. Don't want to offend anyone. The reason I chose to vaporise, other than not wanting to "smoke" because it is bad for my lungs - is so that if anyone found out I was using marijuana, the smoking would not be an issue. I'm still "in" although on the fringes and fading as fast as I can.

    I have to say for me, the relief from my suicidal ideation was nearly immediate with the marijuana. One day, I was considering jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. I was desperate. Then, I smoked some pot, and all that noise in my head went away. You can't imagine (unless you've experienced it yourself) what a relief that is not to be debating with yourself about living or dying.

    I live in the NW, and this winter is kicking my butt. I am starting to feel better though and I think it is all due to the marijuana. I smoke a little every night to help me sleep. And I do sleep deeper and longer than I normally do without it.

    I have a contact that makes edibles if anyone wants to purchase them. He will mail them to you - and since it is in cookies there is little chance of getting caught. :-) PM me for info.

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