December AWAKE entitled: The Truth About Christmas

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    A lump of coal from Santa and a copy of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol with Scrooge underlined or highlighted. Besides its religious element, which is the most important to ne, Christmas has become an almost purely secular affair of goodwill and celebration. A secular event to help us cope with the dreariness and bleankess of winter. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that secular Christmas displays are not religious. It can be celebrated in public forums as secular holiday. A Christmas creche is forbidden in public. Added some reindeers and Christmas carolers santitizes it.

    I attend midnight mass every year and find it uplifting. The Witness hell is present in my mind. The professional choir and incense are so rich. Rich as in majestic, celebratory. People go out of their way to bring good cheer and blelssings to each other. I am happiest when I can find a volunteer gig helping the poor. I find no evil people. There is no golden calf with baby sacrifices. Oh, the hymns are wondrous. It is not cerebral or intellectual. Rather, it touches my heart and soul. Never did the KH touch my heart or soul.

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