Does your Cat want to sit on your Lap while you are on the Toilet .....?

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  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Mine doesn't because I always close the door. But she waits out there, scratching frantically and crying pitifully, as soon as I open the door shes fine again and doesn't even bother going into the bathroom.

    I thought It was just my own freaky cat but i learned on another discussion board that this is pretty common.

  • sherry123

    I had a little teacup poodle that went every where with me.....he was 2 pounds.

  • lesabre

    oh.... cats.... lol. i now have 3. and yes.... there is something about the bathroom that makes them ALL go crazy purring and wanted to be petted. it's the only place 1 of them asks to be petted. another will ask in the bathroom and kitchen. i have no idea why.

  • nelly136

    mine prefers to share her purrs and gas while making herself at home on my keyboard.

  • noni1974

    This is what my cat Oliver does while I'm in the bathroom. Snoozy was talking about my sweet kitty who loves his momma more than anything. He is extremly bonded to me. He sleeps right next to me and sometimes on my pillow. He wakes me up with kisses. He is a very loving kitty.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    My eyes!

  • oldlightnewshite

    I had a miniature breed dog that used to climb in my boxers while I took a dump. He'd lay back in them like a hammock and gaze up at me.

    He's since gone to doggy heaven, and my boxers aren't quite so baggy-fitting.

    Before anybody tries to make a funny......NO, he wasn't a shi-tzu

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Both my cats are OCD.

    Taz loves to sit on my lap and make bread for hours. Someone mentioned healing cats, well he is that! During the time I was dealing with tremendous depression, leading up to my discovery of the 'truth about the truth' - he would sense it, and always come to the rescue laying on my chest and making bread, purring until I felt better. Some of his personality traits include [but not limited to]:

    • Drinking water by pawing it out of the container to the floor, and then drinking it there.
    • Waiting to run outside, then responding to my yell to 'get back in here' by making a direct reversal back inside.
    • Waiting till I sit down in the LR, with a view of the kitchen, then jumping on the counter and refusing to move until he hears my feet hit the floor to chase him off.
    • Rubbing against my legs when I am on the toilet. [I don't recall him trying to sit on my lap - but it would be just like him]
    • Trying to trip me wherever I walk - sometimes 4 or 5 times in a few seconds.
    • Making a sound of objection [kind of a cat whine] whenever I sneeze. The tone of my sneezes must hurt his ears?
    • Pushing open any door I am on the other side of - and if he can't push it open, crying like a baby until I open it while laying on his back and putting his paw as far under the door as he can
    • Pushing open the garage door if I am in there - or sometimes not and getting locked in there overnight.

    My other cat - Stinker - is worse, but has less obsessions:

    • She will only drink water out of the bathroom sink or the tub - preferably from a dripping faucet which she insists on me turning on whenever I go into the bathroom, night or day.
    • Sleeping on my left side, in the corner of my bed, then spending most nights with gentle clawing at the covers [asking to get under there] - then succumbing to fear of the cramped space and clawing her way back out [gently of course].

    Both cats are 11 years old - and so far in good health. I will be sad when they leave us - they are part of the family [the same age as my oldest granddaughter who lives here with us].


  • DagothUr

    Guilty as charged. My cat also jumps in my lap while I'm on the computer and sleeps near me during the winter. She tramples my back during the night if she wants to go outside to do her business and I wake up.

  • chickpea

    cannot speak to cats, but the rats, whose playground
    is in the shower room of the upstairs bathroom, will
    do pretty much like oldlightnewshite described of his
    little daschund.....

    the mother and daughter duo, adopted from the
    high school biology class last summer, noodles
    and jezzie (mamama and bebebe), after the morning
    transfer to the playground, LOVE to scamper across
    the floor to "rumble in the grundies" (flannel jammies)

    of course, i stir them up, as they love to be tossed
    and tickled.... whole thing takes about 3-4 minutes....
    then they help me wash my hands and brush my teeth
    (vivid and disturbing visuals of what my senescence
    will be like) and they head off to their nest box for
    a 9 hour nap..... seems to be a morning "happy to
    see you" ritual

    mamama is the white one.... they are in their fleece hammock

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I had one cat that was a therapy cat. He always slept just to the left side of my pillow purring madly all night long. The day I came home from the hospital after my appendix operation he moved to my right side and slept as close to the incision as he could get. I had to put a pillow over me side so he wouldn't step on me there. But from that time on he always slept on my side. I learned to keep a pillow with me when I slept for him to sleep on. He was a 12 pound cat so was pretty heavy. He would sleep with his body on the pillow and his head on my body. I sleep on my side so if I rolled over in the night the pillow and the cat rolled over to the other side. When I was depressed or upset he would come and just sit near me like a statue watching over me. I called him my Buddha cat

    He did try to climb into my lap while I was sitting on the toilet but I am not that tolerant.

    But he would sit outside the door and meow loudly if he got locked out of the bedroom especially while my husband and I were having sex. I swear he would have dug his way under or through the door if he could have.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    My cat often sleeps next to the toilet and you just have to sit down and deal with it she's not bothered so i'm used to it now .

  • Magwitch
  • AnnOMaly

    We had a cat that would scratch up the carpet if I didn't let him in the bathroom and let him sit on my lap. It was easier and less destructive for him to just get his own way LOL.

  • Quirky1

    I think your cat is flirtin' with ya

  • Finally-Free

    My bird comes into the bathroom and watches me go through my morning rituals. He hisses at the shaving cream on my face.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    No, he prefers the office

    and has his own seat next to the radiator


  • Magwitch

    OH St. George - that is by far the best looking male I have seen in a long time!!!!!!

  • oldlightnewshite

    Lady Lee, weird how your cat reacted to your operation. My dogs are the same with me... I had an injury playing soccer and lost the sensation on the skin surface on my right thigh 9 years ago. (You could stick a lit match in it, and I wouldn't feel it). Since then, my dogs, (who sleep in the bed with me) always lick my poorly thigh. It's strange, I know they are licking it, but I can't feel it on the skin surface.

    Chickpea. Rats in your grundies? Seriously? Now I don't feel so weird with a dawg in me knickers. Thanks!

  • chickpea

    well not really my grundies...flannel jammie pants...
    but rumble in the grundies is more catchy...

    THIS cat is amazing!

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