I WAS CAUGHT emailing a pdf copy of the New Elders Book

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  • Smoky

    I sent a .pdf to a few friends and one of them betrayed me and forward it to a Elder i know, along with the emails of the recipients. "MothaF*r."

    I cant believe i was so naive to think that i can trust someone..stupid. I have not talked to the "Benedict Arnold" yet, but hopefully soon. The thing is we have been hanging out more this year and we ha done some questionable things together...He does not go to the meeting, like me and likes to party. He has even gone as far as "talk sh*t" about other people that have "snitched" on him. Yet he does this to me!

    But im not too worried..or should i be? I dont think i broke any JW rule/law, did I?

    Maybe just Copyright Enfrigement, but the WT would have to sue me...right?

    I will be having a talk with the Elder who got the email. Today let see what happens.


    Smok'em if you Got'em

  • brotherdan

    Uh oh...I could see the elders using the "brazen conduct" card right away... You'll have to keep us posted!

  • baltar447

    shit, meet fan.

  • sir82

    Interesting. This is an unusual case - likely one of their first steps will be to call WT legal.

    I'd love to listen in on that conversation! As well as the fevered & urgent meetings among the WT attorneys thereafter.

  • sacolton

    Just tell the elders your computer was purchased second-hand at a garage sale and probably demonized and that you had nothing to do with it.

  • sabastious

    Good, I think they need to know that people are distributing their "super secret book" in the congregations. The tighter they feel they have to squeeze the more people they are gonna wake up.


  • straightshooter

    Keep us up-to-date on what happens. The WT takes it very seriously about keeping this publication hush-hush to non-elders. Hope the elders not create a nightmare for you.


    Deny it..

    The 2 Witness Rule works for Everything..

    You have no idea who would do something like that..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • laverite

    Hmmm...I don't recall reading how to handle this in the Flock book. That wasn't in there! Yes. Must. Call. WT. Legal. ASAP.

  • laverite

    Outlaw- awesome advice as per usual.

    LOL @ Sacolton!

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