Never Wake Up

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  • ziddina

    Cheese!! Guys, please quit handing out personal info (emails, phone numbers...) on this public board.

    You never know which nut-case [ME!! eeevil grin... ] you might end up with!!!

    Please use PMs instead - you can always announce that you SENT the PM, in public, however...

  • yesidid

    Can't see anything on your other thread.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Grandma, Sam, Darth... If you can download and install Firefox or Google Chrome, you should be able to see the posts. There's some issue with posting in Firefox at times where IE won't display them. It happened to me when I first started posting.

    (I think it has something to do with editing the post in another HTML or rich text based editor, like Outlook or Word, and then copying/pasting into the JWN post window. Not sure about that, just a guess based on some limited observation.)

  • brotherdan

    Yeah, Cheeze is probably right. I copied and pasted my wife's email from Outlook.

  • ziddina
    "... say your not gonna go and you are gonna send me and my children on my own.while you sit home and sleep.fine, but I can do it. I can be as strong as i can possibly be. i'll do it all on my own. ..."

    Ruh - Roh!!

    That's "martyr" mentality, right there...

    Might want to nip that in the bud. She's going to get all noble and self-righteous; you will want to deflate that right away...

    I hate making this suggestion - and it may be a bad one, hopefully the other posters will comment on it - but I'd tell her that her lack of respect for your headship has been a big factor in your lack of interest in going to meetings... That is, if you can make that comment and make it stick...

    Jes' my two cents...


  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Thanks SBC! Sorry for the hassles....

  • Ding

    For those who can't read the other thread, BD's wife has emailed him to say she wants to separate from him in order to think things through.

    BD and his family really need our love and prayers right now.

  • ziddina

    Brother Dan, you stated this in your - as yet unsent - email...

    "You said last night that anything you find online can be edited. While I can agree with that, what has made the biggest difference in this whole issue to me is what THEY THEMSELVES have said. There is no need to create lies. ..."

    Very, very true.

    Do you think it might help if you had some older Watchtower publications??? I have 18 older Watchtower publications - books, actually - with copyright dates ranging from 1908 to 1983... with the following titles:

    "Studies in the Scriptures, Volume I", copyright 1908,

    "Millions Now Living Will Never Die", a tract rather than a book, originally published in 1920 but my copy was re-published in 1940 - 41 by the Watchtower Society,

    "The Harp of God - Proof Conclusive that Millions Now Living Will Never Die", copyright 1921,

    "Studies in the Scriptures, Volume I", copyright 1921 - this one actually has the original fold-out of the "Divine Plan of the Ages", showing the Great Pyramid as a 'tool' of prophesy,

    "The Harp of God - Proof Conclusive that Millions Now Living Will Never Die", copyright 1925,

    "Government", copyright 1928,

    "Enemies", copyright 1937,

    "Children", copyright 1941,

    Another copy of "Studies in the Scriptures, Volume I", copyright 1946,

    "Did Man Get Here By Evolution or By Creation?", copyright 1967,

    "The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life", both copyrights 1968 and 1981,

    "Then Is Finished the Mystery of God", copyright 1969,

    "The Nations Shall Know That I am Jehovah - How?", copyright 1971,

    "True Peace and Security - From What Source?", copyright 1973,

    "Good News to Make You Happy", copyright 1976,

    "Choosing the Best Way of Life", copyright 1979,

    And "All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial", copyright 1983....

    Can you use any of these??? I purchased most of them online, from Borders used bookstores, and they only cost around $1 - $5 each. I don't think I'll ever really use them as they COULD be used, especially by someone who can ar- er, debate - scripturally, so...

    Would you like me to send them to you??? Or do you have access to older publications, and do you think that reading them might help your wife "wake up"???

    Zid (by the way, my keyboard is dying, so please overlook typos...)

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