Some Confusion - What is this site in regards to JW?

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  • bobld


    I believe you still want to belong to the J.W. family but you have a feeling that they gave you the boot.

    You still believe all you were taught,living forever in paradise but fine it hard to reconcile because you have an unbelieving mate and are afraid of losing him. You came here for some answers and rehab.You want to belong and loved by J.W. but are fining it hard because you see the hypocraisy and they are not what the say they are.I believe many come here because the WBTS is/are two-faced.They fine it therapeutic.

    Just my humble thaught.


  • Green Jade
    Green Jade


    I have to think about that.....

    Yes I feel abandoned and horrified by the brothers and sisters that acted unlike "Good Christians". I am coming to terms with Humans in general but I do feel that need to provide a childhood similar to mine with out the "bad". Can it be done? I am not sure. I think I am afraid that a am too diffent to "Fit".

  • Green Jade
    Green Jade

    Well, I'm getting tired and heading to bed. Please know that if anyone deems to write to me, I will read and respond tomorrow. Thank you!

    I ache to find solace

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