Atheist believe there is no God? Yes we do, strongly!

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  • agonus

    Brother Dan, thanks for the Romans quote. It's a good book.

    Which reminds me: God hates fags!

    There's your civics lesson for today.

    But I kid...

  • designs


    Where some of these philosphical and idealogical roads diverge is at the Anthropomorphisms and the believed real anthropomorphism of some Christians about 'God'. Is God really a 5'6" Jew flying around or walking on heavenly air.

    When Science has not gotten its math around Dark Matter and other phenomenon there is a lot for everyone to be in awe about with regards this Universe.

  • JWoods

    I also agree 100% with BrotherDan and BurntheShips. Especially what Burntheships just said:

    The only thing pure reason alone can deliver is agnosticism.
    Hard atheism, like theism, requires an element of belief.
  • agonus

    Pure Reason is overrated... Kant you see that?

  • JWoods
    Pure Reason is overrated... Kant you see that?

    No, but my friend Ghenghis Khan.

  • brotherdan

    designs, Christians don't view God as a 5'6 flying Jew. But that made me laugh. Without a knowledge from the Bible about WHO God is, it's impossible to understand God at all.

    But I agree with you that there is so much in our universe to marvel in. In fact, the Bible says that this is the greatest proof of God. Of course, those that don't believe in any part of the Bible will find this meaningless. But Romans 1:20 says that because of the beauty we see in the world, all men are without excuse for not believing in God.

  • snowbird
    Pure Reason is overrated... Kant you see that?


    As I much as stated previously, you're in fine form, sir!


  • agonus


    No, I mean...


    Yeah, Snow, I'm pretty quick on the draw when I'm hung over... wait... what?

  • wobble

    What about someone who doesn't give a s**t ? We do need a label for them.

    As to an Atheist being someone who strongly believes there is no God, what is someone who weakly believes this ?

    I think we need to distinguish between Fundamentalist Atheists and atheists who are simply without god.

    Agnostic is a useless label, as there is no true gnosis of god we are all Agnostic on the argument.

  • agonus

    "Someone who doesn't give a s**t"... how about "Agonustics?"

    No true gnosis of God? So you KNOW that you... er... can't know?

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