Atheist believe there is no God? Yes we do, strongly!

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  • Caedes


    Are you 100% sure that santa claus is a fictional character? Do you have to be able to prove that father christmas isn't real before you can say you are certain that he doesn't exist. I know that there is not one shred of empirical evidence for the existence of santa, that is the reason I am sure he doesn't exist. If suddenly there was proof I will be happy to come back to this thread and admit I was wrong and change my mind regarding the existence of santa.

    I would admit that the extremely broad definition that Essan would like to use for the concept of god would mean that comparison doesn't apply fully, since Essan would (at least if I understand his/her position correctly) like to include natural phenomena within his definition of a first cause. Using that definition then I couldn't be 100% certain. Using the definition of god (as most people would use the word) as a supernatural omnipotent force then I am as certain as I am with regards to santa.

    Since science can only ever deal with empirical evidence then the supernatural will by definition (apparently Essan's definition of the word supernatural seems to differ from how most people woud use the word) always be something that science cannot assimilate, count or calculate probabilities for. For that reason santa, god and the tooth fairy all fall into the category of things for which there is no empirical evidence, I cannot assign a probability to any of them since there is no data to use. However that lack of data, is meaningful in itself.

    Essan perhaps you could tell us whether you believe gravity to be a supernatural force? It sounds like you would like to define the supernatural as anything science doesn't understand.

    A lack of evidence is as useful in science as a mountain of evidence, I used a lack of evidence to prove something last week. It simply does not take faith to disbelieve something for which no empirical evidence has been presented.

    Apologies for a disjointed reply, I was attempting to cover a lot of bases.

  • ziddina


    All this script, attempting to convince certain people that a lack of evidence in 'god' does not mean that a person "believes" in atheism...

    I'm going back to being a pure "Neo-PolyTheist"... And my Goddesses PRE-EXISTED your 'god' and are far, FAR older than your Johnny-come-lately, Middle Eastern male VOLCANO 'god' - naner naner boo boo!!

    The fact that they existed LONG before those Bronze-Age Middle Eastern sheepherders' 'god', TOTALLY negates ANY possibility of 'his' existence...

    But most people on this board seem incapable of seeing that logic...


  • Essan

    You're all a bunch of filthy apostates anyway, especially you Zid.

    You've persuaded me of the insanity of Atheists and so I'm going back to the Hall on Sunday :)

  • quietlyleaving

    Caedes, Glad you are back as bohm was doubtful about your existence and was convinced he hadn't met you.

    from Bohm on page I

    1) such a person would use a different definition than I do of the word. I suppose such a person has existed, but i have yet to meet such a person. At any rate, it is not a scientifc defensible position.
  • bohm

    Caedes: Ill make you change your mind on santa :-). Prepare for the first installment of the series:

    Bohm bring christmas spirit to the JWN:

    If you met father christmas, went on a trip with him and saw him deliver packages, would that make you doubt the slightest he did not exist?

    If so, you are not really 100% sure, or you assume you will, at some point in that story, draw an irrational conclusion:

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I'm with you, Bohm. The reasonable stance is that the existence of God seems highly improbable due to the lack of evidence and therefore, pending the appearance of tangible evidence of his existence it is practical to proceed with our lives assuming that he doesn't. To me this is agnostic and it makes sense.

    Saying "there is no god" makes far less sense and as you say, makes those saying it seem unscientific and closed-minded.

  • ziddina
    "You're all a bunch of filthy apostates anyway, especially you Zid. ..."

    No I'm not!! YOU guys are, 'cause YOU people left the ORIGINAL worship - worship of the great EARTH MOTHER FERTILITY Goddess... Which is over two hundred thousand years old, need I remind everyone again...

    Naner Naner Boo Boo!! My Goddess is WAAAAAAAAYYYYY older than your 'gods'!!!!

    "You've persuaded me of the insanity of Atheists and so I'm going back to the Hall on Sunday :) ..."

    First of all, if we "atheists" have a "belief" system, according to you, then why go running back to THAT belief system when we've got a perfectly fine one [according to you and a few others on this board... ] here???

    And if you ARE going back, we expect regular reports every month; you should really get RE-baptised, and just how many hours per month do you expect to be putting in, in future... Oh, and remember, no beards/smoking/birthdaycards/parties/gifts/Christmaslights/decorations/Xmastree/ornaments/mistletoe/Halloweencandy/costumes/costumeparties/bobbingforapples/hauntedhouserides/Eastercandy/hidingeggsinthegrass/Fourth-of-Julyfireworks - you can't even stare at them out of the window - or whole-blood-transfusions/seeingaREALtherapist/longvacationsOTHERthanwhenattendingaDistrictConvention/visitingbeautifulcathedralsinFranceItalySpainBelgiumGermanyRussia/admiringreligiousartattheLouvre/Getty/Rockefeller...

    And anything else the Watchtower Society decides to come up with...


  • Essan

    Zid, your God has boobs and can't throw. Need I say more? :)

    Technically though, I suppose it could be said that Jehovah has boobs - they're called Jehovah's Witnesses and he's got 7 million of them

  • cyberjesus

    For the ones who understand that the "A" in atheist mean without and "Theist" a belief in God I am an Atheist.

    For the ones who want to believe that Atheist mean I believe God doesnt exist I am an agnostic.

    For the ones who dont listen any argument other than themselves I am an Ignorant.

  • ziddina



    MY Goddess has a SPECTACULAR pair of "jugs"!!!

    Well, maybe not THAT spectacular... That lady needs a parking berth for a pair of blimps, not a bra....

    And I'm GLAD she can't throw - like "Jehooober" throws: malicious temper tantrums ["Noah's" flood, "Sodom & Gomorrah"...], vicious hissy fits [destruction of Jerusalem in 587 - err, "607" B.C.....], and deadly spats of anger [kicking people out of a "Paradise Garden of Eden", ordering 'his' people to kill off all the residents in the Canaanite cities, "Armageddon"...]

    AND she's a really PRETTY Earth Mother, to boot!!

    Earth goddess


    Zid sexy devil

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