BOE LTR (PDF) Brazen Conduct !!!

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Maybe the new book will have some pictures!!!

  • blondie

    How to Punish Apostates

  • miseryloveselders

    Wanted to bump this. The secretary only yesterday circulated the letter for reading. When another brother handed it to me, and told me afterwards to give it to another brother, I thought ok. So I sat down after the meeting and started browing through it, when it dawned on me that I read this two weeks ago!! It amazes me that I find out about new developements on an apostate website before it actually gets circulated to my congregation.

    On a similar topic, the Pioneer Assist Program that was recently done away with, is still listed in the Theocratic Ministry School book as settings that can be used on #2 Talks given by sisters. None of them know that this program was done away with. Another thing I found out on here before getting the letter in my hall.

  • brotherdan

    We would like to emphasize the importance of keeping these new textbooks secured and confidential, both before and after they are distributed. The textbooks should not be left on tops of desks or in other places where they are easily accessible by family members or other individuals. The information is designed for use by the elders only, and other individuals should not have any opportunity to read the information.

    I didn't read this whole thread, but to any of the current or ex elders here: What reason have you been given as to why no one else should have the opportunity to read the book? I've read the book, and I didn't see the reason for being so secretive about it.

    Is it because they don't want the rank and file to know the specific policies? Anyone given a reason why it's so closely guarded?

  • miseryloveselders

    I wish I could day Dan. I don't know man. When I was a kid, my dad left the book out. He knew I didn't care enough to read it even as a teenager. My mom is so brainwashed, she'd never bother to read it. In this day and age of multimedia, everything has potential to leak online, so I don't know why the GB gets all James Bond about this stuff.

  • cantleave

    It'll be available on line (the link will be here on JwD) before the elders in my old congo get to see it, i'm sure.

  • wobble

    They are afraid that something will come back to bite them on the bum in years to come.

    They never foresaw that the old book showed the terrible attitude they had to child abuse, they don't know what will show them in a bad light in the future, plus it is a big eye-opener to any R&F member to see how many and varied are their Pharisee-like rules and laws when they claim to be simply following the Bible.

  • CuriousButterfly

    How in the world did I miss this post? lol

    Very interesting letter that will self destruct in 15 sec. I will take a look and see if hubby has the new book, I am thinking not at the moment. We still have our meeting this week and hopefully I can take a sneak peek at it.

  • elderelite

    curious, He doesn't. None of us do yet. I have heard sometime around October we will get them..(keep your eyes peeled though)

  • Caminante

    On Sunday I asked the coordinator of the body of elders in my congregation about how they translated the term "brazen conduct" into Romanian, but it seems Romanian congregations didn't receive the letter yet, since probably the Kingdom Ministry School sessions will start later in our country.

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