Bethel Rules

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  • wasblind

    Back to # 11

    i bet alot of sisters had to be GAGED with socks at night

  • leavingwt

    Sisters were told not to leave underwear lying around visible in locker rooms being cleaned by brothers.

  • ziddina

    "Brooklyn Bethelites were forbidden to own bicycles..."

    What the FRAK???? Afraid they'd be confused with Mormons???


  • sherah

    They have to pay for AC!?!

    #11 - WTF!

    I thought it was a privilege to have a bethelite in your home and car; they have to pay for rides!?!

    What is 'open sleeping'?

  • littlebird

    At first, I thought your list was a joke, but now I see you're not! I can't believe I used to tell my boys what a great goal bethel service would be for them to reach out for, slap my hand, I was encouraging them to go to hell/jail. I cant believe the wt cant see how much they are like the pharasees.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Sherah - during the summer when lots of bethelites are vacationing, you don't have to sit at assigned tables for morning worship.

    It's called "open seating" LWT was being funny... lol

    "If you didn't go to work because you were sick they called you ALL DAY LONG. Litterally ten times in an eight hour day. It was worse than going to work."

    elderite - I'd forgotten about that... When I would stay in sick I would dread that phone call from the housekeeper..."do you want tea? with honey?, buttered toast (wheat or white bread), and soup for lunch? LOL Good grief

  • baltar447

    It dawned on me one day a long time ago that they were smoking crack if they think making the whole world like Bethel would be a paradise.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    elderelite - You had to dress to go to all meals (shirt and tie) no matter what your job was. So you showered and changed min three times a day.

    you had to dresses to WALK to work (shirt and tie)

    Because of the job I was assigned to do, this drove me insane! At first I managed to only have to change clothes twice. And then they enforced the rule at Patterson that during dinner time, you could not go to the dining room and glean food if you were in clothes other than dress pants and dress shirt. Ties were still optional.

    Also, you weren't supposed to have guests in YOUR room overnight wothout permission.

    Saturdays - You had to attend morning worship. I learned really quick from a brother who had been at Bethel for over 10 years that it wasn't necessary, and no one seemed to ask. So I rarely went after that.

    And then I had to work Saturday mornings but I never had any work to do. Everyone else was off because of their time at Bethel. I began to wonder what my purpose was a Bethel.

    BETHEL CAME FIRST!! Obnoxious rule. (Not kidding either. They really said that.)


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    When getting drunk prior to the Gilead Graduation luncheon, make sure you don't stumble to the table or breathe directly on anyone.

    (I was never a Bethelite, but I saw plenty of semi-inebriated Bethelites at the pre-Gilead Grad lunch when I visited.)


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    If you're going to go running in anything resembling normal running gear (i.e. shorts & running shoes) make sure you're back in the front door of Bethel before 6:30 a.m. (or was it 6:00?)

    Something like that. Can't have the Canaanite residents of Brooklyn Heights seeing Bethelite legs.


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