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  • jam

    Alice stated, Headquarter at Brooklyn and the branch offices are not institution for higher learning.

    That,s the first true statement you made. It,s A institution for the advancement of janitorial work. It

    is not institution for religious studies.

  • brotherdan

    Correction, it is an institution for FALSE higher learning. Remember that Patterson is called the "Watchtower Educational Center". They teach students how to misinterpret the bible every 5 months since the 40's.

  • brotherdan

    Why won't Alice answer any of my questions from the Bible? Alice, would you tell me?

  • elderelite

    alice, Dear dear alice,

    you didn't answer my question. Please read and think for a moment. In the scripture you cited, paul noted he worked (made tents) so as not to be a burden on the congregation. What do the GB make? think.... think... compare the scripture... read some more... think

    also, just so you know, NONE of the current men on the GB ever worked a day in their lives secularly. Show me the life story that proves they did.. they were missionarys and branch men. Not "workers". for anyone.

    now back to the question... what do they make so as not to be a burden on the congregtation... I axiously await your non-response

  • GLTirebiter
    The money that goes into the organization is to further Kingdom interests, it's not for charity. If a person wants to give to charity organizations that's their choice although the money that's given to these organizations is often abused.
    "The bad examples are no excuse for doing nothing at all."
    That's not what they do.

    So, which story will you tell us tomorrow?

    Often we are the first relief agency to appear on the scene.

    That's fine, but isn't it more effective if, instead of "appearing", your organization had been there all along doing charitable work, and will remain there long after the media spotlight turns elsewhere?

    In cooperation with local authorities and other relief agencies, the Witnesses organized to help care for the immediate needs of their fellow worshippers and other victims in Haiti.

    And from your linked article:

    Immediately following the storm, Witnesses organized teams to assess the number of Witness' homes and Kingdom Halls that had been damaged or destroyed.

    I have underlined some key phrases. Charity should not begin and end with the "immediate needs" of disaster relief. Charity means feeding the hungry every day, it means providing education and other means of self-sufficiency as a path out of poverty, it means treating the sick: these are long term needs, requiring a long term committment rather than "appearing" to make a "response", only to leave a few months later.

    Even mentioning "fellow worshippers", "Witness' homes" and "Kingdom Halls" confesses that some victims are considered important, others not. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:29-37, Jesus emphasizes charity to outsiders, those not like ourselves. The victim in the parable was helped by a Samaritan, an outsider, someone whom the Jews disdained. He was the one who was a model of charity. "Go, and do the same yourself."

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