They have a table at the local Walmart now

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  • WTWizard

    I wonder how much this is going on within the chain. If the witlesses start interfering too much with their business, they should be kicked out of the property (unless, that is, they are there to shop and not to preach). Most stores have a rule against soliciting and distribution of literature. If they are in fact violating this, you might get results by complaining to the store manager or the police. If they are excessively pushy and will not let you through unless you waste your time on them, informing the store manager should get interesting results.

    And, if that doesn't work, one approach that will work if enough people do the above is to follow up a second complaint with a threat to boycott the place if the witlesses are pushy a third time, and prepare to follow through with your boycott. If they know they are going to lose customers because of the witlesses, they might start banning the witlesses--especially after they abuse the privilege enough times and get too many complaints about being excessively pushy. You can shop at Target, at a local store that will not tolerate the witlesses, or online. Walmart has little that I can't find better online: Vitamins, electronics, decorations, Christmas lights, toys, and clothing are usually available elsewhere and in better quality. L.L.Bean has better clothing, outdoor equipment, and bed and bath supplies than Walmart. Stonewall Kitchen has better cookware than Walmart. Christmas Lights, Etc. has better lights. 1000 Bulbs Inc also has better lights (and not just holiday lights--they have lights for everything). You can find better hardware, houseware, and electronics online as well as toys.

    Just beware that you are going to spend some more money. If you take this approach, expect to pay 2-3 times what you would at Walmart. However, the payback is that it will last you more than 2-3 times as long, reducing your costs in the long run. You will thus be hurting them for allowing the witlesses to push shoppers around far longer than they might expect, since it will be that much longer before you need to replace products and because you might decide to spend more money next time and get longer lasting, better quality items in the first place.

  • Mary
    It is huge with two huge signs one Spanish and one English of blown up pictures of some of the book covers like you can live forever and young people ask, etc with a card table in the middle and two very boarded looking people just sitting there

    Someone should set up a table next to them with books such as Crisis of Conscience, In Search of Christian Freedom, The Orwellian World of Jehovah's Witnesses, Armageddon Delayed, etc. and see how long they last.

    I'm actually surprised this is being allowed because the WalMarts up here in my area all have signs out front that clearly state "no soliciting".

  • moshe

    This public table stuff, makes the JWs a target. If they don't like what someone at the door says, they can just walk away. If I talk to them they will have to either take it, or fold up their table and leave Walmart.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Please, LITS- do not make this a mission of yours. You need to get a mental break from this stuff. If you happen to go to Walmart and happen to see the pedo. there, fine- do what you do. Otherwise, don't camp out in your car waiting to see the change of the guards and don't go to Walmart if you didn't intend to go. Maybe Carla's idea of asking if you could set up a counter-point table is fine, but I would never actually do it.

    Otherwise, I was thinking the same thing you said: "I swear this religion is looking more and more like a cult." My thought just had an expletive in front of "cult."

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Mary-" the WalMarts up here in my area all have signs out front that clearly state "no soliciting".

    All the Walmarts in the VA & MD area also have "no soliciting, or handing out any printed information" signs at the entrances. It must be different in other states.

    My ex wife (pioneer, and probably still is) used to try to place litter-ature while I ran into the walmart to pick up a few things. On my in the store I would find the manager and tell him someone is in the parking lot bothering customers trying to sell them religous magizines. By the time I got back out, she would be sitting in the car pissed. She never figured out how the managers found out so fast that she was out there pedeling her trash and put a stop to it.

  • AGuest
    I would find the manager and tell him someone is in the parking lot bothering customers trying to sell them religous magizines.

    Now THAT is hilarious!


    A slave of Christ,


  • MinisterAmos

    Do what I did when they set up at the Wal-Mart in Gulf Breeze, FL. Call (and visit) the store Manager explaining how they insisted that your 16 Y/O child join and go into some detail about what they said would happen to her if she didn't.


  • MinisterAmos

    Demand equal table space for your religion.

  • ziddina

    "I don't get it with JW's and Walmart. My old hall used to frequent the Walmart parking lot and witness to people coming and going. ..."

    No More Kool Aid, I suspect it's because Walmart tends to attract people who aren't doing well in life... People with large families who have to pinch their pennies shop at Walmart, because they THINK it's saving them money on their grocery bill...

    There are some good documentaries out there on the negative effects Walmart has on local, family-owned businesses, the local economy, and so on...

    But did you know, that if you walk around Walmart with a paper and pen, jotting down prices so you can do price-comparisons, you can be thrown out of the store???

    Heck, I used to carry my shopping list around with me at the local "Snoops" - King Soopers - jotting down the prices of the items I was buying, and there was no fuss... But try that at Walmart... Don't know whether they'll react negatively if you write down the prices on your shopping list; would be an interesting experiment to try...

    Some studies have shown that Walmart advertises some common items at prices well below that of the competitors, THEN hikes UP prices on other items... If any of you shop at Walmart for groceries, you might want to take your Walmart receipt in to a competitor's store and compare prices on ALL of your items, and then ONLY buy the items at Walmart that are cheaper... Buy the rest at the competitor...

    Whoops. Off-topic...

    I guess I was trying to find a polite way of saying that people who shop at Walmart are usually NOT in the upper financial strata; not in the upper-middle-class section of life... And the Walmart EMPLOYEES!!??!! Don't get me started on what THEIR lot in life generally is... Little to no health insurance, on minimum wage...

    Ripe pickings for the JW cult...


  • ziddina


    Hooooo - Leeeeeee CRAP!!!!!!!! 368 pages of that stuff!!!!

    DAMN!!! And I thought I was outta shape...

    Proves your point...


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