They have a table at the local Walmart now

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  • cyberjesus

    Walmart doesnt do a background check on every person who sits at their door.

  • wiser

    What states is this in? I would think this would be illegal.

  • carla

    Ask Walmart if you can set up a table warning people of the dangers of jw's? Destruction of family, they teach hate, pedophile problem, etc.....tell them it is part of YOUR religion to warn others about this group and others like it. If they refuse wouldn't it be discrimination?

  • LV101

    Love SA's posts and how he mentions "standing in the broad ways" because i'm sitting here thinking they might hand someone a magazine that reminds them not to lie or cheat someone, which might help them, and SA's quote sets me straight. Where did you get all of your Bible knowledge. It obviously wasn't from the hall.


  • southern.finesse

    Great idea @ Carla

    Shouldnt the JWs leave Wal-mart for the Boys and Girls Club of America? I'm sure the kids could use that spot to sell there wonderful cookies.

  • Hadit

    I know, I know, mr.Flipper.

    All Jehovah's Witnesses are rapists! Including me....


    Peace in & Peace out!

    Titus: That is really distasteful! I fail to see any humour in that comment. You are taking something serious and making a mockery out of it. Not one person has every intimated that ALL Jehovah's witnesses are rapists. There ARE many rapists out there and some are Jehovah's witnesses! People have been hurt and their lives have been torn apart by this. DO NOT UNDER VALUE what others have gone through! It is NOT a joking matter. What the policies may or may not be is NOT the point - the point is WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON!! They are two different realities.

    People devoting their own time to keep others safe is admirable.

    Good job LITS! You are one courageous woman. Mr. Flipper - I very much appreciate your comments!

  • cantleave

    I swear this religion is looking more and more like a cult....

    Could it be because........

    ....... They are a cult?

  • yknot

    Why not drop in some phony money/checks in the donation jar.....

    LOL, perhaps get a local chruch to help out and clean out their publication inventory too!........each member donating a phony check!

    I see Danny still has them on his site......I know I will printing some this month!$.htm

  • wasblind

    If people are harassed by the witnesses while shopping , and enough people complain, wal-mart may have to make a choice between their bottom dollar and the WTS. I wonder which one will they choose.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    I don't get it with JW's and Walmart. My old hall used to frequent the Walmart parking lot and witness to people coming and going. Can you imagine how irritating it would be to have hot kids in the car and melting ice cream in the trunk and be approached by Watchtower peddlers begging you to agree how horrible the world is. I totally refused to do that or business territory when I was in (sorry did annoy folks at their homes). Last time I was at the airport they had a table there too. NMKA

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