They have a table at the local Walmart now

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  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses
    This public table stuff, makes the JWs a target. If they don't like what someone at the door says, they can just walk away. If I talk to them they will have to either take it, or fold up their table and leave Walmart.

    Great point. Witnesses usually run away when confronted with someone who actually knows how their cult works. If they ever set up shop in my town I might have to do some reverse witnessing to them. Maybe I can plant a few seeds of doubt.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks everyone for your responses.

    Ex Whyzee; I totally know what you mean and thanks for the web sight I never knew such a sight was out there OMG the pictures on that sight had to have been taken from my city, those are the people who shop at the Walmarts here. I do not go to Walmart much myself because of the nut cases, everyone is always yelling at their kids over weight and just rude. I do shop for just a few things because they have some things I cannot get anywhere else but I go first thing in the morning before the really strange ones get up. The last time I was there this really nicely dressed guy was there and you are right I was like what ARE YOU doing here, he looked so out of place.

    Mary; You are so right how are they doing this I do not know because I would feel so uncomfortable having to walk by them to go shopping at Walmart. I do not get how they are getting by with it. I could see if it were off to the side or something but it is right in the middle of the wide double doors. I wish I could go up and talk to them but they all know me, we are really well known here, I would love to ask them about the blood issue, the pedophile problem, on and on but like I said I know all of them, not the Spanish so much but most of the Spanish in the truth here treat us English like dirt and just say no speak English, they are so rude. The first time a Spanish sister did that to me I was like are you for real. One elder tried to smooth it over but I was like your kidding me she just treated me like I am a worm beneath her feet and it is only because she is not sure of her English really? Oh feel the love of this religion. This also raised another problem for me going into Walmart myself that that I go a lot but half of the JW's shun me now and the other half really like me still and hug me and tell me how much they miss me and beg me to come back to the meetings. It is so bizarre, Why I am being shunned I do not get but then there are some I have started to shun, I am like if you are going to shun me than I am going to shun you first. I know it is all so stupid.

    On thewayout; You are right, I cannot camp out at Walmart waiting for the shift change, but this Walmart is on the way to some of my jobs, so on the days that I drive by the store I am going to drive by the stand to check and see if they are letting the pedophile and his wife man it. I have the local news ready to do a story on them and if I can get him on film, it would be so great. But I have got to have a life and as much as I want child molesters not to go door to door no one else really seems to care. Even in the world everyone is so caught up in living that it pisses off people when I tell them that JW's send sex offenders door to door but then everyone moves on. I think really you do not care, it is not that people do not care but no one knows what to do or wants to fight it. You are right though about putting the expletive in front of cult. This religion is totally a cult.

    Out at last; I loved it that you got your wife kicked out of the parking lot. I hate it when someone comes up to me when all I want to do is run to my next stop. I think parking lot witnessing is so rude. How can the JW's not see it. I have heard the JW's here so many times complain about how they hate to be bothered by telemarketers on the phone and door to door sales people. As a kid I was confused because I thought that is what we are doing though, why is it wrong for others to do what we are doing? JW's really are rude when you get down to the facts, Jesus's love thy neighbor as yourself does not apply to them.

    Zid; You are so right about the prices at Walmart it is so much hype with them saying they are the lowest price. There are a few cleaning products that I like and cannot get anywhere else, the problem with Walmart is that as soon as you get used to something they have then they drop it and quit selling it. And their food do not even get me going, I got some hamburgers there once when they first started to sell food here and I threw them away, they were so horrible they tasted like they had sawdust in them and I do not waste food or money. I felt sick after eating one. I thought about taking them back but it was only $5.00 and I felt stupid but I should have, they were so horrible. I will never buy any meat from them again. I really do not like the store much, they have caused so many small stores to go under here.

    Moshe; You are right at the door they can just walk away but at a table they are trapped. I so wish I could use that to talk to them but I can't because I know them all and I would be so outed. I just cannot do that right now with my husband, but I am hoping other will.

    Ex whyzee; When you said "I was also thinking (with a guilty mind) about the quality of new recurits you'd start seeing at the Kingdom Halls if this trend takes hold and the kinds of problems they'd bring with them for the elders to sort out." That is also what I was thinking when my husband was an elder all the problems he had with ones calling demanding that he talk to them and come over to their homes. OH MY GOD I could not even begin to think of the nut jobs Walmart will bring to the elders. Thank God that the pedophile shoved my husband and he got deleted really that was the best thing that ever happened in our marriage.

    Oracle; I am thinking of what you said about PMing you with the address. On thewayout is right that I need to back off but I also do have the local news ready to do the story of the baby rapist going door to door it is just that they need a video of him doing it. This might be my chance, so for right now I really do not want to get them shut down, plus I belong to a support group and I am thinking of asking them to help me talk to the JW's at the table, have some fun with them but we are not meeting until September because of the summer. Also maybe sending the manger a letter with the pedophiles court and police records even if he is not running the table still letting the manger know that the JW's he has sitting in front of his store allow this kind of man to go to peoples doors might be interesting. So I will PM you in a little bit.

  • NvrKssdNObutt

    In my walmart one of the little semi-important guys is a jw who avoids me whenever possible--- i always point out to his fellow employees how he treats me and tell them that if he preaches to them to tell him they are afraid he might treat them like he does me

    he considers me an evil apostate and i try to live up to his expectations of me hehehehehe

  • donny

    I have seen this same setup at the Morgan Hill and Gilroy Walmarts here in Northern California. I quizzed the young lady at the Morgan Hill store a few weeks back by asking her about 1919 and why was that day picked as the one when Jesus handed over all his belongings to the Society.

    She looked totally confused but took my name and an email address I use for such things and I have yet to hear a response.

    I don't think one will be forth coming.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hey Titus, is "call the police!" teh first thing all you eastern Europeans can think of?

  • crapola
  • crapola

    Sorry, made a boo boo. Aguest, I apologise for the comment I made earlier. Guess I was having a bad day.

  • lesabre

    hahaa!! which wm did you see them at? the scientologists were at the one my husband works at. he made a special call to me on his lunch just to tell me. lol.

    p.s. i'm near seattle....

  • AGuest

    Dearest Crapola... the greatest of love and peace to you! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! If you knew me, you'd know that after reading your post here I went, "Huh? What comment?" and then went back and re-read your "comment," and then went "Huh?" Meaning, I took absolutely NO offense at your comment; indeed, I totally understood where you were coming from! I am glad that I was able to clarify what I meant by why JWs go to that place, vs. some others (particularly given who THEY say need to be "saved"... well, "put in line for salvation" or however/whatever it is they say it - LOLOLOLOL).

    Absolutely NO worries, dear one. Life is WAY too short... and too good... to waste on such sensitivities. You and I are just fine!

    Again, peace to you!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • kewpie
    Five years ago a local Walmart wouldn't let me post a flyer on their bulletin board for an animal shelter fundraiser.

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