What's Your Attitude Toward Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • looloo

    i start to shake when i know they are at my door or i see them in the street , but im always polite to them ,as i pity them because i remember the fear i lived with each day as a study and the feelings of not being worthy enough ! some really get on my nerves though ! thats usually the self righous young ones who were born in and know nothing about anything but think they are superior simply because they are a jw !

  • flipper

    I feel sorry that the individual members are under cult mind control and have wasted their lives and been duped and deceived . I do NOT feel sorry for the governing body and leaders of the WT society as they know they are deceiving and manipulating 7 million members. They have unscrupulous motives which are not good. I have a loathing for the manipulative leaders of this dangerous cult

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    The only way to take down the organization would be to kill off the entire GB in one fell swoop. Even then, other "anointed" would be recruited to take their place. But if they were all gone at once, it would at the least be disorienting.

    That was funny coming from a woman. You cut right to the chase on things. I like your style.

    Think About It

  • southern.finesse

    I feel sorry for most because they sincerly believe that this is God's org. I am fairly new to the realm of interacting with JWs but one thing i have quickly realized is how arrogant they are. I used to take offense to it but now I treat them as 3 yr. olds speaking profanity. How can you be upset with a child saying curse words? They only recite the words they hear at home from their parents. I laugh inside because they know curse words but can't say all the ABCs in order.

  • villabolo


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    those faces tell an interesting tale....

  • ziddina

    OOoooo, I think Essan nailed it!!

    "So, having anything to do with them and having discussions with them, for me, feels rather like trying to help someone who is drowning in a fetid river of manure, yet who fights and insults you as you try to help them, and insists they are "the happiest people in the world". ...."


  • sass_my_frass

    I miss some, and pity them, but also disrespect them for their intellectual dishonesty.

  • Opus92

    I pity them immensely.

  • minimus

    They still live in LaLaLand and I'm not talking about Cali.

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