What's Your Attitude Toward Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • LuciousVBogeymanProd
  • jaguarbass

    The Jehovahs witnesses adversley effected my life. I have anger about that that is constantly aggitated and


    The Jehovahs witnesses that I know that are still in, their life wasnt adversely affected. They enjoyed working

    in the trades and ended up with a good life and a good retirement.

    probably many of them would say I am suffering and dissapointed because I left Jehovahs organization.

    THe witnesses I know are not suffering so there is nothing to feel sorry for them about.

    We are all going to die, thats the deal, no one gets around that one.

    THe witnesses I know like meetings and assemblies and wasting time.

    THe ones I know seemed to have a pretty good life, it makes me wonder for a moment did i screw up.

    But 76 was real. 75 was a lie. God wouldnt lie.

    But a greedy publishing company would.

  • wobble

    I have no problem with most individual JW's, my oldest Uber-dub sister being an exception, but I do have a problem with the leaders of the Org.

    They are murderous liars. The Blood policy, DF'ing etc.have caused thousands of needless deaths.

    And they know this full well. their hands drip with blood, and they do not care, as long as they hang on to the lifestyle they have.

    Disgusting men.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Bad. Really bad. And without any chance of ever improving (from their perspective).

    Cheeses. Who really considers all matters jw and wts related to be more than worthless.

  • WTWizard

    I hate the ones that continually have to interfere with my freedoms. If they wish to practice zero tolerance of Christmas, so be it--but if they want to force me to practice zero tolerance of it, I have a big problem with it. If they wish to pio-sneer, let them (as long as they don't waste my time trying to force me back into the cancer with false promises), but don't try using lies and threats to get me to pio-sneer as well. If they want to only listen to 135 songs, that's their choice. But, if they want to intrude and force me to throw away my music, big problem.

    And I hate those at the top for trying to get people under them to hound me and everyone else into the strictest version of the religion. Most of the things they hate so much are not even found in the Bible! Where in the Bible does it teach people to have zero tolerance for anything to do with Christmas, for instance? Or, to throw away any music that discusses normal human experiences or that was written by someone that is currently disfellowshipped? Or, that only special pio-sneers have any reasonable chance of making it into the New Dark Ages, and then with 200 or more hours per month minimum? Nowhere. So, if they are going by the Bible, then why in hell are they trying to force such doctrines at these extremes down my throat?

  • Essan

    I was a JW for over 30 years, from birth, so I was one of "them" as much as anyone can be.

    I feel sorry for them, because I understand what it is to be one, but I am so repulsed by the mindset of a JW - it's so full of caustic judgement and fear - that I also can't stand them. They are rendered virtually retarded by Society brainwashing.

    So, having anything to do with them and having discussions with them, for me, feels rather like trying to help someone who is drowning in a fetid river of manure, yet who fights and insults you as you try to help them, and insists they are "the happiest people in the world".

    You want desperately to help them, but damn, up close - they stink! LOL.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I loathe the organization.

    the individuals mixed emotions depends on how much they adhere to the doctrine.

    I guess I don't know what to feel, I'm still trying to figure that out.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    organization = bad

    people in it = fall in to one of three categories

    1) most are victims,

    2) some are a-holes,

    3) some are just plain stupid

    The Oracle

  • minimus

    The Oracle is right on!

  • dssynergy

    The only way to take down the organization would be to kill off the entire GB in one fell swoop. Even then, other "anointed" would be recruited to take their place. But if they were all gone at once, it would at the least be disorienting.

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