Change in meeting attendance procedure - can't figure out why though

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  • baltar447

    Further simplification? Here's my wild speculation. What would be one way to REALLY freak out the friends? Get rid of the public talk. Discuss.

  • yknot

    ....The PT is needed on Sunday morning to make them look normal... I will run a bit with you and suggest dropping CBS into FWN and rescheduling WTStudy in its place.

  • AGuest

    I'm inclined to agree with 5th Generation (may you all have peace!), with the purpose being to see who really IS still "with" (i.e., truly loyal to) the organization.

    Because... and this my own theoretical speculative opinion... you're still counted as an "active" publisher if you turn in time, right? But not necessarily based on whether you attend meetings or even actually go out IN field service? And, yet, just how many are doing just do that... JUST turning in time (i.e., give it to their spouse/parent/child to turn in)... but aren't attending the meetings or actually going out in FS?

    To those of you who practice this "art", I say... beware: 'cause they're coming after you. You no attendy da meeting (i.e., WT and CBS, where they'll know if you're really "into" it vs. just putting up a show)? You no more turnie innie da time!

    Translation: no more faking it through timeslips, people. The gig is up.

    Solution? Since you're not above such deceit, I suggest you just attend a WT Study or CBS once in awhile (i.e., at least once a month so you at least LOOK like you're into it!)... and be counted. True, that does mean you're gonna have to pull out and don that old suit/dress... dust off that old black Bible... and break out that song book (you DO know it's not the purple one anymore, right?). But, so what... what's the big deal? It's for a good cause, right... maintaining your "active" status and therefore keeping the elders/CO/wife/inlaws off your back? Gotta be worth that, at least...

    Well, good luc... I mean... "may the 'force' be with you!

    A slave of Christ (but on my own since I am only speculating)...


  • elderelite

    its all simplification.. its for the publishers. Jehovah's organization is progressive and this is the chariot moving ahead so we'd all better keep up. I think the GB was all together praying wend morning and the spirit moved them in unanamous accord to make this decision. It was, as the book of acts relates, so as to add no further burden beyond these nessary things..

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    The attendance numbers are never reported anywhere except on the information board, I believe. They don't get sent to the society do they?

    I always thought the whole damned idea of counting those in attendance was ludicrous to begin with. I now find it ludricrous that the GB gives a rat's ass when/how often the count is taken at all. It should be a function of the CO or DO to determine that shouldn't it? They are the ones who report increase/decrease to the society in a form letter when they visit. The society doesn't tablulate all those individual reports do they from the CO letters.

    Odd - but oddly unimportant enough to bother with a letter of procedure? Perhaps there is something afoot, My Dear Watson.....


  • metatron

    Don't overthink it.

    They realize that the public talk is mostly a vestigal organ of sorts. It used to have meaning when they had 9 or 10 % expansion a year ( ye good old days). Now, it's just boring and especially since they might understand that attention spans have changed radically. It's just sort of a loss leader you might find to get you into Dollar General or Big Lots.

    Keep in mind that this meeting length change was not the first: one hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes.

    The Watchtower Study is the most important meeting of all. Much more important than the empty pathetic "Memorial", once a year. The Watchtower Study is pure delight for the Governing Frauds because it is effective programming for keeping the zombies motivated. All else is just sitting in your seat and zoning out with eyes half open.

    Guys, don't let their reactionary talk confuse you. Anything they advise is the result of some weakness or current problem. Are they elevating the Governing Body/ Faithful Slave to near equality with Jehovah? Why? Because they realize their real authority is evaporating in real terms. The cash flow isn't good and Witnesses are mostly play acting their faith. The Nazis grew ever more fanatical and ruthless as defeat loomed ever closer.

    Yes, they are self deceived fools but not completely foolish. They simplify, they cutback, they layoff, they trim. This sort of change is just another signal of their real thoughts and intentions. It's all quietly rotting away and they know it.


  • OnTheWayOut
    The attendance numbers are never reported anywhere except on the information board, I believe. They don't get sent to the society do they?

    Wrong. The C.O. tabulates all the averages for his report to the organization and tells the congregation which meetings have poor or good attendance. It's hugely important to WTS. The real question framed here was "Why are they counting less when they already have the dubs counting for free twice each gathering?"

  • scottmedeiros

    my thought is in the past one of the older co that been around requested myself who was an elder to take count half way through the meeting each of the for at the hall. Not before the half because the friends are always late and if we count to early which many brothers even with the new direction would still count early. this would make the numbers low because of so many being late. Also when i was in charge of attendants I learned that many brothers realy could not count (ya realy dont think the took it as serious as i did when i was almost a company man.

    now the change may be that 1 count just simplifies things and works in the end for all included and probably wont have any real significance in the end.

  • wobble

    What about safety implications, say there was a fire, with no count how would they know all people were out and safe ?

    The WT does not care about people, just money, but even this "simplification" could bite them in the ass.

  • CuriousButterfly
    He asked once if he should count babies in the womb since the WTS had parents read the bible to them....but some brothers just don't have a sense of humor.

    Ok now THAt was down right funny! I almost spit my coffee out. :)

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