Change in meeting attendance procedure - can't figure out why though

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  • sir82


    I don't get your point. They currently DO have that information.

    By comparing the PT attendance count ot the WT attendance count, as they do now, they DO know how many are leaving at "halftime".

    If they no longer count during the PT, they will have NO IDEA how many are leaving.

    Why would a high-control group like the JWs want LESS information?

  • flipper

    SIR 82- Oh, yeah, I get your point. Thanks ! LOL ! Been working all night- my brain is in neutral - I need a nap ! I'll go lay down in my infirmary right now

  • yknot

    Well it was rumored that the CBS would eventually be kicked to FWN....

  • 5thGeneration

    Simple. They no longer want the inflated number from inactives and interested ones that go to the PT.

    They want pure publisher attendance numbers.

    A 'true' barometer of the spirituality of the regulars.

  • sir82


    Yes but once again, they already have that. They currently take the WT attendance, and they will continue to take the WT attendance.

    They've got something up their sleeve, and this is just a transitional step, I suspect....

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    But they were already getting it. Now, the CO will have no idea how many are only attending the first part of the meetings. Remember, they used to count during the PT and during the WT. The difference was/is sometimes very noticable and I've heard more than one CO comment on it. I've seen local needs parts given on it. Without the data, they really won't be able to comment.

    We know the WTS is a micro-managing organization. So to see them drop a piece of their micro-management is a bit puzzling. It's probably not that big of a deal but they generally do things for a reason.

  • Jim_TX

    I think that OTWO may have it correctly. They are changing to count the lower attended meeting - which will be reported at the end of the year(?).

    Of course, the JW-party-line will be that this is a 'sign' of the sifting work, and that the end is near.

    They will then change it to record the numbers for the public talks. This number will then go up.

    The JW-party-line will be that this is a 'sign' that more people are coming in to the 'ark', and that the end is near.


    Jim TX

  • JWoods

    Of course, meeting attendance numbers were never that much of a public bragging right anyway as I remember them. With the exception, of course, of the memorial and big assemblies. I don't recall published stats of nationwide or worldwide general meeting attendance.

    It was more a way for the CO to keep track of how well the individual congregation was walking the walk.

    The big deal was the number of "active publishers" worldwide.

  • 5thGeneration

    I see what you're saying.

    Why not just count both anyway. The inflated PT and the WT after the mass exodus.

    Yeah, it doesn't make much sense does it?

    Maybe they are running out of brothers who qualify to do the count!

  • Soldier77

    Anyone have the scan of the letter of this change? A lot of times paragraphs get skipped when annoucing to the cong. A scan of the letter would give us the whole picture.

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