Christians, Is it okay for engaged couples to have sex before marriage?

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  • Soldier77

    Wow.. that was a bit over the top... and nice inclusion of political views...

  • fokyc

    Try - Before YOU Buy!

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Sounds like Onan pulled out at the right time...

    I wonder what the law was concerning that problematic and pesky pre-cum?

    "Thou shalt not ooze"

  • pirata
    Are we saying that some people just can't help it whilst others can. If you get caught on judgement day screwing to bad, if before your alright. How many people in the kingdom hall expect salvation although they have been immoral. They expect to be forgiven. Were they ignorant of God's view.

    I think it is more the concept of repeat offending and if you feel "bad" about it. The timing issue is something I have wondered about myself, seems very arbitrary.

  • dgp

    Soldier, some day you will know :-).

  • 5thGeneration

    Interesting JW twist to this.

    The Society always said that in ancient times engagement was viewed as a commitment just like marriage. They were trying to convey the idea of not going into it lightly.

    That, of course, begged the question from me, then why can't an engaged couple do the nasty?

  • zagor

    I'm no longer "christian" but I'd say first command in Bible was to "go forth and multiply". Unlike Brits I don't think authors of Bible were telling us to "fuck off" but to fuck (excuse my French). I suppose they saw that one of the most primordial urges in people has always been to have intercourse, and panned it down. Or if you are religious you could think that was primary purpose for which "god put you on this earth". Either way it is not easy to fight that which nature has intended. To be punished for it is like being punished for finally succumbing to thirst or falling asleep. Heck even JW translation says something "be fruitful and become many" or something like it. Why is it that "Christians" shy away from true meaning of those words would be a better question.

  • StAnn

    Zagor, it's fine to be fruitful and multiply like rabbits~after you are wed.

  • mrsjones5

    you wouldn't buy a car with out taking it for a test drive would you?


  • wantstoleave
    wantstoleave mentioned exactly what I was going to, the engagement being viewed as 'married'. In fact, my then fiance (now ex husband) used that with me many a time. All he wanted was sex and a clear conscience at the same time. I was a good witness girl and wasn't having a bar of it, so he forced me to have sex (days out from the wedding) and then made me keep it secret .

    I remember when I was 13 and a school friend quizzing me on the no sex before marriage rule and her saying 'but what if you get married and find out he's a dud in bed?'. I laughed it off thinking it would never happen to me (it didn't) but now I realise what she was saying. I now think try before you buy is a good way to look at it .

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