Christians, Is it okay for engaged couples to have sex before marriage?

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  • Soldier77

    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission sometimes. So, yes, it's okay to have sex.

  • dgp

    I believe that making people stay in a marriage with a sexually incompatible mate is far, far worse a sin than finding out whether you can really make it in bed before you commit for life. Of course, it is easy for the pastor/priest/elder to say "don't do that", because he isn't suffering the consequences and, what's more, he is righteous in the Eyes of the Lord.

  • Gregor

    "Christians" ? Maybe, maybe not.

    JWs ? Hell no!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    My wife just read a newspaper article to me about HYMEN REPLACEMENT. It's now available on the NHS for health and psychological reasons but not cultural reasons. (whatever that means) If you are not eligible for NHS it can be done in day clinic with local anaesthetic for £1700. Apparently very popular with Muslims.

    So if you stray before you wed all is not lost!


    PS I suppose the operation is easily reversible!!!!!!

  • Quillsky

    As a human, religious beliefs aside......... it is clear to me that it's essential for an engaged couple to have sex (great sex) before they legally sign a commitment to staying together for life.

    I can understand how a man with erectile disfunction or sexual inadequacies could propose "pre-marital chastity" in order to persuade a woman into marriage with him. I can understand how a woman who doesn't feel like she's a sexual or sensual person or has a complete disinterest in sex could support "pre-marital chastity" in order to lure a man into marriage.

    I feel sorry for these people, but at least they have the cover of "Christianity" under which to hide. I hope they all find each other, rather than trapping sexually healthy people into marrying them.

    For all other healthy couples - completely explore your physical compatibility, and have fun doing it!!

    (Stay safe and healthy, and talk openly about birth control. We're in the 21st century.)

  • yknot

    In a little of defense of no-sex engagment.....

    We had a brother who talked his would be bride into premarital sex......

    Typical young JW couple ....mind you.

    So, they do the deed and then all of the sudden he just changes....

    He views her as a 'slut' breaks of the engagement. (He was reproved for confessing first, she was DFd for 2 years to set an example to us girls)

    She is devastated, feels used.

    Congo gossips, she is viewed as immoral for years and reports most of the Brothers who 'show interest' make a move for sex within the first or second date..... and it all totally screws up her view of sex, marriage and men.

  • StAnn

    On the side of "no premarital sex," any one who has ever had really good, mind-blowing sex knows that it impairs your judgment. So there you are, brain-addled from multiple orgasms, and you decide to spend the rest of your life with this guy/gal. Premarital sex impedes your ability to make clear headed decisions and, during this period where you're having the best sex of your life, you decide to spend the rest of your life with this person? You're not in a mental position to be able to sign legal documents or enter into contracts, I mean, come on! Then you get married and discover there is more to marriage than just sex and, OMG, this person doesn't even speak English! You never noticed because moaning sounds the same in any language.

    Hence, premarital sex leads to divorce.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    As God is forgiveing and forgives those who have in the past i cant see it matters

  • wiser

    No. No bible based christian would disregard the teachings of God.

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