More Society cutbacks - Society says "screw you" to the publishers yet again

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Here in the UK we only get one delivery per month, with all 3 issues. So last week we had Oct 15th Study WT, Sept 1st Public Wt and Sept Awake.

    They are all delivered to one KH in the city and then each congregation collect them from there.


  • wasblind

    Hey JWoods,

    with all the publications being cut back to once a month, where's the sense of urgency ?

  • leavingwt

    "A printing corporation, evolving to survive." <----- In view of this, the change makes sense and cents.

  • blondie

    The urgency....

    August 1 plus August Awake are used the whole month from d2d etc....I believe they send a similar amount each month of those as they did when they placed the 15th WT and 22nd Awake to the public as well.

    I figure it gives the rank and file more time to be familiar with the placement mags...but probably not.

  • JWoods
    Hey JWoods,
    with all the publications being cut back to once a month, where's the sense of urgency ?

    This may be part of the problem - maybe the sense of urgency is wearing just a little thin after all these years?

  • carla

    Could a jw use it as fs time? I would think you would have many jumping at the chance to simply take an hour or so drive instead of annoying people on Sat morning!

  • Rapunzel

    As Ballistic points out, this arrangement is not "eco-friendly." What depresses me even more is when I think about all the trees that have to be cut down in order to ensure that the Organization has an ample paper supply with which it can publish all those books, magazines, and tracts - which, considered all together, are not worth a fat rat's ass.

  • pirata

    Must be regional. The Magazines and Literature has been trucked by the Society directly to the Assembly hall in my area for the past twenty years and brothers from the local halls picks up the new shipments once every 3 weeks.

  • Peaches1978

    Peaches ,talk about the end being so close,

    i was told that the books studies held at individual homes were provided so when persecution hits hard and the governments try to close the KH's we could still get spiritual direction from the F & D Slave. This would be done in the private Homes of congregation members.

    I the end ani't as close as first thought

    Wasblind.... yeah I remember growing up with that same exect message... our conductor brother Rivera would always tells us his house was ready for the BIG A...and how we would have everything in the basement for our living through BIG A...... I guess his house is not to ready now since he died so loooong ago...... looking back now all i could do is laugh...

  • metatron

    It's like Watergate: Follow the Money.

    More and more burdens placed on a tired flock. I can't pick up the mags this month, brothers, my car won't make it.


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