More Society cutbacks - Society says "screw you" to the publishers yet again

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Our Assembly Hall was in Romeoville ,IL (near Chicago) and our hall always went there to pick up literature .That was a 2 &1/2 hr drive each way ! I am pretty sure they would take turns with other halls to do pick ups .

  • seawolf

    Yep my assemblies were always in sports complexes or civic centers or high school gymnasiums. I've never been in a JW assembly hall, although I've known there are several but none are closer than ~5 hours from me.

  • sir82

    To be fair, I haven't seen the letter. It is possible that they have merely "expanded the radius" for some congregations, and they will still deliver the mags to the more remote areas.

    However, even if it is not universal, they've expanded it to a pretty big radius. It will be a 2.5 - 3 hour project, twice a month, for some poor schleps from our KH, between driving out and back, and loading and unloading.

    I'll try to find out if it affects the whole US, or just some congregations.

  • jgnat

    Uh. Oh. Our assembly hall is at Devil's Lake in the boonies near Onoway. Quite a trip for somebody.

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  • wasblind

    Peaches ,talk about the end being so close,

    i was told that the books studies held at individual homes were provided so when persecution hits hard and the governments try to close the KH's we could still get spiritual direction from the F & D Slave. This would be done in the private Homes of congregation members.

    I the end ani't as close as first thought

  • JWoods

    Is it possible that we are seeing the complete decline and fall of paper publications as the cornerstone of the Watchtower religion?

    Think about it:

    Awake cut in half to once a month.

    Watchtower (for public) cut in half to once a month.

    Watchtower (for the witnesses) metered out by the congregation elders.

    Watchtower subscriptions no longer available.

    Brooklyn printing facilities pretty much in early stages of abandonment - (old Watchtower logic was that the printing had to be done there because of the ready shipping facilities)

    Most important: The old system of selling the magazines door to door for a specified contribution is dismantled due to sales tax issues.

    Is it possible that the new leadership does not care about the printing presses any more?

  • moshe

    Take it up the keester JWs- they just bend over and take it from "mother".

  • wasblind

    Well when the bethelites get the boot maybe they can contact Bane as to where they can find a good paying job

  • moshe
    The body at the time didn't want the boxes outside the KH between meetings

    I probably ruined it for them, by slipping WT expose' material under the flap of the sealed cartons of WT mags sitting on the KH sidewalk- I always got a chuckle, imagining the look on the brother's face when he opened the box and found copies of old WT stuff- like this:

  • exwhyzee

    Newspaper all over the country are in trouble due to peoples access to instant information via Internet and Satelite TV. Why would this not be the case for the Watchtower.

    I imagine one day they will have pop up windows that lead the public to their website, whenever they Google the word "God or Bible" or even "Viagra". The meetings will be done from Bethel by Skype and either viewed in your own home or on a big screen out in the parking lot at drive-in Kingdom Halls. Each publisher will print out his own literature from information he has downloaded from the societies website where he can also enter his field service time. Each territory will be on a GPS system and be scannable so as to see when the last time it was worked and which houses were not at home or were do not call's. Who Knows....but one thing is for sure.

    The times, they are a changin'.

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